Forever Kind Of Love

2 minute read

It is said that all is fair in love and war. It is in fact unfair, downright dirty and sometimes without any sort of compass to guide it. Vampires love at the whim sometimes stunning in its ability to switch from one vampire to another. Where once they wailed and cried at the loss of one they are all of a sudden spouting their undying and ever faithful affection for another. Much like a canine sniffing politely of the buttock of another, after another, after another.

It seems that love, even to those that are undead can be as insubstantial as the ether between the world we reside in and the afterlife of torpor.

This is not news. There will be no great revelation, just an observation of an interested observer. What is love to those that live forever? What is love to those that look upon the years of their unlife and count the years as humans would count days. When a future ‘forever’ dated something of a millennia upon millennia how do we as vampire handle the longevity of a ‘forever’ sort of love.

Well, dear readers. We don’t. There is not a single relationship out there that has ‘lasted forever’. Not yet at any rate and considering we live forever, I sincerely doubt that forever will ever be a time line we dedicate our unlives to. Even for love.

The passion is there in the beginning for a certainty. That burgeoning feeling that one can’t live, function or greet the dusk without the one you call your own. But, as history has shown again and again, this fades to a venerable sort of accustomed contempt. Where the tick he has in his cheek changes from endearing to something you want to cut off his face with a blunt instrument. Where her tendency to call you every five seconds once used to be an amusing show of her undying affection turns into feeling like you were being stalked and your every moved noted and tracked.

We are vampire and we live forever. We are vampire and we love deeply. But can we as vampire really love forever. I look forward to observing our fellow undead and watching as love blooms and with each one I will hope, just as we all hope, that this time. It really will be. Forever.



I whole heartedly do not agree with this editorial. Because in living forever the only thing that could possibly keep one interested for eternity are the seeking and retaining of knowledge. One can never expect to know everything; therefore, having some source of infinite entertainment. Though knowledge and thought alone could not keep one sane for long. In the case of the immortal how could one survive for more than a short time? If there was no other fixation in the world but knowledge, how could one bear eternity? If loving someone forever is not possible it is a very poor world indeed and not the infinity I would want to accept.