Rykoth - Introspective Perspective

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Who is Rykoth?

Me. Well, I am an Irish born vampire who was human in the thirteen hundreds… got turned… if anything you could say my unlife was a mix of chasing a hated rival through Europe, Asia, and into America only to find the city… as well as various… carnage around the lands.

However… if you ask “who I am” I am a vampire who believes in honor, no matter how foolish my actions have been lately.

There have been rumours of a sect of Vampire Hunters called ‘Gods Arm’. What does this mean for us vampires? Should we be concerned?

I’ve heard of them too, and I am concerned that if they are indeed in the city, there could be trouble. I do know they seek something I once had, an amulet… but… all I can say is, if you encounter them, run for now. Other hunters hate them and fear them if it says anything.

What is it like to be a member of the O Cionaoith family?

Ever find yourself waking up every night and being glad you have a home, an unlife, a family? Thats what it is like. Waking up and thanking Lord Ravenblack that such a family exists. Arsanga and Murrz are the best sires one could ask for.

If a young vampire were to come to you and you were to tell him what he needed to ‘make it’ in this dark city, what would your advice be?

I think it would either be family, or a sharp mind. Many think people need holy waters, garlic sprays, and scrolls to make it, many think you need to join powerful clans to make it, but while a family gives you that protection, being able to think fast is essential. I hadn’t thrown a single holy water in my time in the city until about ten months ago when the Splinters of Dusk tried to assassinate me.

Virgin blood or Aged Blood?

Aged. Well, seeing as I prefer not to drink innocent people… afterall, if innocent people grow up, and have kids, theres more food supply, and thus more of a chance for scumbags to appear for me to feed on. So yes, aged blood. Stronger anyway. But not too old.

Poker or Black Jack?


What’s your middle name?

Tullius. It used to be my last name but after I was re-sired by Arsanga, I made it my middle.

Neutral, Evil or Evil-Good?

Erm? Neutral Good?

Coke or Pepsi?

Blood Pepsi.