Introspective Perspective - Lord Louis BubbleKnight

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The next in our series labeled the Introspective Perspective we have the honour of presenting to you our dear readers a sneak peek into the inner mind of Lord Louis BubbleKnight, the well known and well like Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty and Capadocian. The man who has, it seems, learned to stretch the chasm between friendship and clan, remaining friends with many across the lines of war while maintaining his loyalty to his clan. Please join me in learning more about this vampire.

Who is Lord Louis BubbleKnight?

I could say he’s a mage, an old knight trying to revenge a wrong he suffered, a hopeless romantic, an idealist… I could add he’s an scholar, a researcher, a poet, a master in wordplay, a builder of fantasies and a natural born charmer.

But the simplest truth is this: He’s a dreamer in love.

What is the Orbenoir Dynasty and as the Lord of this Dynasty what does that mean to you?

There was this time in which Capadocious asked all of the leaders and all of the clan members who were willing to do it, to bind to him as a sire so we could use Scrolls of Succour to him, and also in order to become part of the powerful Capadocious bloodline. Every one of the Capadocian Leaders belongs to the Capadocious bloodline… but me.

It was something automatic: when we were asked, every leader accepted and bound to him, but me. I was the only one who told Lord Capadocious: “I appreciate your offer, but I have to reject it”. It’s not that I don’t consider a honor to belong to the Capadocious bloodline, but that I realized that my small bloodline was something I cared too much about. Most of my family had been handpicked or accepted after careful evaluation and I wish for them to share some common family traits, which involve developing better judgement and some sort of cold-headed approach to happenings in the City. I want them to be the ones who can carry some common sense back into the clan -sometimes we need more of it- and ultimately into the City.

That’s why I created the Orbenoir Dynasty. I want them to bring my lawful evil nature, my passionate blood and the spirit of a Knight into the City. Being their Lord, I have the responsibility of showing them there is a drama-less way to do things and get results, to become respected by your own actions and not for how hard you shout or cry. I want my own bloodline to be distinguished from others and that you can say, when you meet one of my family: “Ahhh… you had to be part of the Orbenoir Dynasty… you have that ‘sign’ Lord BubbleKnight possessed”.

You’re Capadocian, how do you feel about being a part of this clan? What does it mean to you to be a Capadocian?

I joined the Capadocious clan very early in the 2003, after some wandering by myself in this City, even before the doors of RavenBlack City were opened for the kindred. From within its walls, I learned about passion, rage, betrayal, power, love, tragedy, drama, power hunger, inner fights, vision, lack of vision and some other things we immortals sometimes feel and sometimes forget. I saw my Lord being in the highest ranks in the City and saw him falling down to the lowest positions, being humilliated by almost any wannabe. I saw him striving to return, yet having to face different issues both in the internal and the external front.

Being a Capadocian, I consider myself part of a legacy and a history that runs in the blood of many of the unliving creatures in our city, because they were part of them at some moment or because they were enemies with it since the beginning. I swore I would help Lord Capadocious to get back his rightful throne, and preparing the road for it was my job when I was the Second in Command. Now it is time for another leader to execute the plans, I have passed the torch; but I still consider the meaning of being a Capadocian in a simple way: help our Lord to retake the City, just having fun in the process.

Also, I had a second goal as a Capadocian. When I started a more public unlife, the name of my Clan was in the mud. They even said we were capable of reporting bad shop or guild info in order to make people go to the wrong places and rob them. My second task had been showing that there is another way to be a Capadocian: you can be evil, but lawful and fair. You can face your enemies in battle and can remain friends with your opponents, or at least respect them. I hope I have helped a bit in cleaning the name of my clan.

It is whispered you are a Mage, how does this effect your unlife, how does being a mage give you an edge?

I don’t know if being a mage gives me an edge. It’s what I am, what my Master taught me when I was a little child and what I have had to use in order to survive. In some way, if I hadn’t been taught by a Mage, I wouldn’t have survived. He saved my life and, at the same time, turned me into what I am now, into this children of the Night I am. I am a Mage Knight in the same sense as some are Dancers, Warriors, Samurais, Slaves, Pirates… it’s just the life I had to live and ultimately, unlive.

I have to add, though, that my particular studies in Magic gave me some alchemy experience that had been great for other uses… like bartending. And bartending… well… I guess you know what you can do to a nice and unsuspecting girl if you ‘innocently’ add something in her drink, right? grins

What do you see on the horizon for yourself? Are there things in unlife you’d like to do and see done in the city?

For myself? smiles I want my family to grow and their influence on the City become more noticeable. I want my clan to retake their former place in the City. I’m working towards those goals.

As for things I’d like to do… I would love to fully understand how Thievery, Perception, Garlic Spray, Displacement and Turning work. I’m currently researching the two first topics. I would love to understand vampiresses. That’s my favorite topic of research, the most difficult too. I would love to have a place for myself and my family in the City, a place I could call ‘home’. I would love to see a great Chess Match between clans, or a war in which drama had no place.

And, finally… puts hand in pocket, picks something up and takes his closed hand out …I’d like to do something… or better said, I’m gonna do something as soon as we finish with this interview: I’m gonna meet this girl and… opens his hand, showing a Diamond Ring in the palm

A random vampire walks up to you and calmly asks you “What is the meaning of unlife?” What would you tell him?

Unlife? It has no meaning by itself. We have been granted the gift of immortality, so we have more time to reach our goals. But the meaning of unlife will be given by what we put into it. Add rage and it would become a neverending bloodshed. Add ambition and it would be a constant fight for power. Add passion and you’ll have neverending bliss. Add curiosity and your unlife would become an endless thirst for knowledge. Add nothing and your soul will die, leaving just an immortal mosquito drinking and flying around the City, never to be remembered by anyone, a zombie, a mindless drone.

Unlife will mean only for those who seek to do something with it. As for me… unlife is about time to fulfill my dreams and passion to burn the City into beautiful flames of miracle.

- Whips, Chips, Chains or Dips?

Actually, I have this jewel of a whip… it’s a nine-headed, claw-tipped, Sterling-silver flaming chain whip. extracts whip, sets it on fire and whips mid-air Wanna give it a try?

Raspberries or Strawberries?

Cherries. Chocolate-dipped ones. Strawberries make a distant second place.

Beer or Liquor?

Liquor, of course. There’s nothing like a ‘Sex on the Bloody Beach’ for me… well… maybe a ‘Screaming Multiple Orgasm’… if some of your readers are interested, I might teach them how I do one of those… winks

What names do you answer to?

They call me LBK, Lord BubbleKnight, Louis, Bub, Bubbles, Bubbles the Butterfly… I save Louis for my closest friends, and Bub or Bubbles for almost everyone.

Espresso or Chai?

Cappuccino. With chocolate, cream and a decent amount of Amaretto.

One word that best describes you?


We here at The Grimoire would like to thank Lord Louis BubbleKnight for granting us the honour of an interview and peek into the inner workings of his mind. As ever it is a pleasure to get to know yet another of the more ‘public’ figures of this dark city. Please stay tuned for the next installment of Introspective Perspective.


Lord BubbleKnight

…for the interview, dear Editor. It was my pleasure.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan