Opinions on Power - CBK

2 minute read

This is the last Opinion on Power and from our own freelance reporter CBK who took the questions we asked and gave a summary as his opinion to the questions at hand.

Simply put, looking at all the new clans rising within the city I cannot say that I see any one of them creating a type of the legacy that Shadow Court and Church of Blood left behind. The most important reason for this is that these clans lack the mentality of the old clans. Most of these clans are not truly evil and shy away from wars, let alone creating any. I also feel that they lack the drive to rise to the top, because it is definitively not an easy road. You have to be prepared to lose everything and rise even stronger than before, and many vampires in this city could not be bothered with this process. To them, the power is not worth the effort. A clan that has the potential to break out of this stereotype would be the newly formed clan of Yggdrasil as their leaders have the much-needed experience. However, even for them it will be a very hard road, and I do not see them gaining the type of power that SC and CoB once had. However, although I do not believe any of the clans will be able to fill the void completely, there are a few that could make things interesting in this city.

Thank you CBK and to all those who contributed their opinions and observations to this on going series dedicated to the question of power. It is an ever evolving issue, with the rise of the old guard and the birth of new innovative clans from the ashes of the old there is a silent struggle to carve places within the chequered history of this city for themselves or to retain the power they already hold.

There is a story here dear readers, a rhyme and reason to the machinations of the denizens who dwell upon the streets we call our home. There are plots and deceptions, love and evil formed hatred. It is what we as vampires thrive on, it is our blood, our elixir, our passion and our raison d’être.

Stay tuned for this author’s conclusion to this series. A synopsis of these opinions and what, by these interviews as a slice of opinion within this city, is the impression for the next ‘power house’ to watch for upon the streets of this dark city.