Synopsis Of Power

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Yggdrasil wins. When the pulse was taken of this city’s opinion it seems that popular prediction places this new clan at the forefront as the group of vampires that will fill the power void left bare by the fall of The Shadow Court and The Church of Blood.

Little wonder that this new clan was given such early respect. They are led and populated by well known and respected vampires; ophelia the legendary, Shikon matriarch of the af Gyllenstierna line, nemesis_wings and a plethora of vampires that could make up the whos who list of this dark city.

Yes, this clan may be new and they may well have yet to earn themselves a public battle or squirmish. But the potential is there. Only a blind person could ignore it and this city has already given notice that many are watching, many see and whether it is warranted or not, expectations are high for the future accolades for this group of vampires. And this author firmly believes there will be great things from this clan in the future.

Now that is not to say that other new clans will not one day rise up and show their mettle to the city, point in fact would be that of SIE and their subtle power. But Yggdrasil, by their sheer experienced ranks can, with the right impetus and leadership, give the standing triumvirate of Capadocious, Heorot and Ferrymen, a run for its money. And when that night comes, if it comes, it will be one hell of a show to behold.

So The Grimoire welcomes Yggdrasil and all those that populate its ranks proudly, to the eye of the city. When the opinions on power were taken, despite the uncertainty inherent in declaring unequivocally a certain winner, this clan makes itself known. And rightly so.

And barring a nuclear fall out of mammoth proportions, there’s no reason why Yggdrasil can’t deliver on the promise it holds in its ranks. We here at The Grimoire look forward to that night, for it will be a memorable one.

And a very bloody one.

The city has spoken. Now it is merely a waiting game to see whether Yggdrasil will deliver on the promise the city predicts for them.



I would have agreed with that prediction. I did have high hopes for it early on. If it were capable of what you suggest, it would have shown more potential by now. I fear like many it is just so much hot air.

~Oracle~ Inner Council The Ferrymen

Matt Black

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

– Margaret Mead


that you and Mags are correct in this instance…

~Oracle~ Inner Council The Ferrymen