A Match Made in RavenBlack Hell continued…

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Already the whispers spread across the private halls of this dark city. Cellphones buzz incessantly, hushed chatter cut short in dark corners. This author has been privy to many an undercover conversation where titillated talk bantered back in forth in a frenzied mania of conjecture.

It is this author’s opinion, if ever there was a match made in hell, a match certain to knock the faltering axis this city has been turning on, back on its ass, it is this one.

It surely has not slipped past the ennui soaked consciousness of our dark citizens that this pairing has tipped an invisible scale. What now will Clan Capadocious and Heorotian’s do to solidify their position in the city after so recently enjoying the largess of being the bad asses on the block? The Ferrymen were maybe a smaller addition to that triumvirate, but they have now grown and it is still a blow of allegiance. Or is it? Word on the street is that the separation, though thorough, was a friendly one. Now here is the kicker, so read closely for this author is quite intrigued by the intricacies inherent in this development, all of which are too numerous to detail in one article. But we will take for the moment to overview a couple pertinent possibilities here.

One such possibility being that SIE, EoE, RoR and Ferrymen have created an evening of the power grid, breaking apart the large triumvirate and creating two less effective entities. The situation already rife with broken promises, angered leaders, confused clan mates, could quite easily lend itself to a break down of structure in all six of those involved here. If nothing else the time it takes to settle into this new allegiance will leave all open to infiltration and insinuation.

And then there is option number two. It is the more sinister of the options and it is that this new allegiance has effectively created an unacknowledged sextet? That these two alliances while publicly are separate are in reality a cohesive unit of nodding acknowledgement. Does this mean in hard pressed times all 6 clans of the two alliances will stand for each other? And who is going to test that water? Dipping their proverbial toe into what may be more than a large river, but a turbulent ocean.

To confuse the matter more. Seyda and Hesu between them, continue to have a large amount of very close ties to Gyllenstierna and TiC as well as Caps and HoH… complicating the matter of exactly who is on whos side. Who exactly are the enemies of this new alliance? Is it HoH and Caps? Is it Yggdrasil or TiC? Who could really know in this convoluted and quite frankly, intriguingly tangled web? Is SIE really planning with HoH? Has RoR been in bed with Yggdrasil this entire time? Is Ferry playing them both?

To always consider as well is the fact that RoR, Ferry and EoE are all dramatically more aggressive clans than SIE… what in the end does that mean? Will the three smaller clans push their aggressive influences towards SIE, or will the Sanctuary’s sheer size allow them to hold to their non-aggressive standing?

Ahhh yes, you see it now don’t you? It is eye opening is it not? The complexity of the machination of this delicious alliance is that it could possibly be one or the other; one giving their enemies an ‘in’ to attack a weakened alliance or creating a block of power not seen in the history of this city.

So I raise my glass to SIE and EoE, The Ferrymen and RoR, the newest circle of power. If nothing else, you’ve given us something to talk about and that, when one has seen century upon century, is saying something indeed.


Damia Morgan

Congrats on the alliance guys :)

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Thanks Damia smile

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