Animosity in Silence

1 minute read

The beast hides behind the rhetoric of the city. In silence he grows. We revel in the doldrums of what once was. Dreaming of past glories and future triumphs.

The city is rife with discontentment and night after night, the passive din amplifies. The wild animal paces in his imaginary cage building his fury and his might, howling in exasperation.

Superfluous counter cells work so hard not to cross each others path or make a ripple. Spewing misdirection in order to hide the fact that beyond all they say, they are and do, nothing much has come of it or them.

We reside in a city of lost opportunity and we spend our very unlives amongst beings too scared to show their true face.

At what point does the great monster rear its ugly head and just attack? At what point does this evil swine that we all carry within, hit the proverbial wall and in desperation he is plummeted to the point of no return?

Who controls this feral brute? When it is let free, who will it decimate? Where will it go and what will it achieve?

The future is inevitable. You can not hide from this germinating demon, tethered with rusting and weakening chains to the walls of a master that is currently concealed.

The troglodyte propagates… are you his first target?

– Hesu