Evil Vampires… Tricks are for Kids

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Moirai was kicked from Seraphim today, apparently for doing treacherous and evil deeds. No one expected Moirai to do anything “evil” (coughing sounds)

Moirai, being the sweet, honest, flower picking, kind, caring and trusting vampire that he claims to be shocked us all by this behavior, even if he didn’t actually do it.

If he DID do it, then I suppose an evil vampire, committing evil deeds, should be commended. Except maybe, for the getting caught part.

If he didn’t do it, well then… does he flunk out of “evil vampire” school?

The question is: If a vampire is evil and he has declared himself so to the point of no return. Is it an act of treason to do evil deeds to anyone, or is an act that should be commended for its astute evilness?