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Darkness slithers through the night like a venomous serpent. Circling its way to its new yet unpredictable destination.

This beautifully, mechanized, machine of death, makes its way towards the unsuspecting. Leaving an almost undetectable trail as it goes.

It is sinister in its pure simplicity. To move so easily through brush, bush and sand… water, trees and dirt. No terrain much effecting its perfectly agile movements.

In silence it makes its way towards its furtive destination. Without the prey ever detecting its poisonous desire or target of intent.

Before the victim even has had a moment to think, the toxins are coursing through its hapless body and the snake begins ingesting it with callous ease.

No thought or care given to the fate of the sustinance, the reptile methodically consumes every last bit, slowly making its way off to the warmth of the sun to bask and digest in its quiet peace.