As the holy water flies…

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As the city has waited with baited breath waiting for the next big war, instead a series of much smaller skirmishes have taken place. Several young vampires have been killed for having big mouths, some single pires have tested their fate against a few of the city’s bloodlines and failed, and personal differences have made their way to the battlefield. EvilBill and ophelia aren’t the only two in the city to be hashing it out.

Last week, obsidian and friends finally struck out against DarkestDesire, Queen of the League of Shadow Demons after a threat made when obsidian was engaged to Es Beacy. After a few days of shadows, and then a few more days of nothing at all, Desire and a few members of LoSD fired back.

What happens when a group of vampires with almost zero real combat experience decides to step up and face a group led by one of the most seasoned warriors in the city?

Time, as we all know it, will tell.



Thanks for the mention Seyda =D

We were quiet for a few days while we waited for obsidian to tell us why she thought her attacks were justified … well suffice to say they weren’t … DD was in shadows due to another matter all together before the attacks occured.

~ matej lover of Velvet Kiss LoSD


and the purpose of having comments that people want said moderated is? its not wonder i dont bother with this place


It’s interesting how you’re so willing to cry censorship in a bunch of comments that I myself cannot see if they are not published. Your Second in Command was in a meeting with the Editor of this paper. She very easily could have said that comments have been made and weren’t showing up and the situation could have been rectified without such public hostility. If you’re attempting to make it appear as if everyone is under moderation on this paper, then you are incorrect.

As far as your claim that you were being quiet while waiting for the reasonings, obsidian herself requested to speak with your Queen directly. That did not occur. In fact, your Queen hasn’t said much at all. Wonder why that is. Instead she sends in folks that weren’t around when the situation occurred and only have a quarter of the true story. Might be wise for you to roll to the side. The tires of the bus are heading for your ribs.


“If you’re attempting to make it appear as if everyone is under moderation on this paper, then you are incorrect.” - Seyda

Well that is sure as hell how it looked to me! I emailed the editor of the newspaper 3 days ago and asked about it.

“Instead she sends in folks that weren’t around when the situation occurred” ~ Seyda

from the times your are stating, it seems that I was around then, maybe not in LoSD but I was around.

“obsidian herself requested to speak with your Queen directly.”

We were told that we were waiting for obsidian to respond to Secret.

You can think what you like Seyda because god knows that you are stubborn enough not to even listen to anyone else for a second. We will believe our Queen and fight for her.

Today Obsidian necro’d….sounds like she is confidant in her team …

LoSD had removed over 20K in blood from that vampire.

~ matej LoSD and PROUD!


You believe in your Queen? That’s fine….but does she believe in herself?

The vampire DarkestDesire has drunk 6153 pints of blood. (Lost In Shadow) Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3) Partner-bound with Dracconius. Location: Octopus and 59th DarkestDesire is sire to 4 other vampires, including: Tainted Love (1619 pints), Coachman (287 pints), SlaveOfDesire (256 pints), Footman (130 pints) DarkestDesire is a second-generation vampire, sired by HeraldAngel (3821).

DarkestDesire has no siblings. ID: 0IPe3q0T

I think my answer would be no.