As the holy water flies: Night 4

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Night four came and went. obsidian worked her way through her hit list and then went several rounds with BlueEyedVamp. Nothing like the smell of burning flesh in the evening.

I checked the messages on my cell phone this evening, and there was one from Secret, Second in Command of the League of Shadow Demons informing me to check my facts before printing such “filth.” Well, like I’M going to let that sit, so I dial her back and get her voicemail…where I promptly laugh at her and tell her to prove me wrong.

Well, lo and behold, my phone rings several minutes later, and answering it with a smile, I’m told that durcilla has nothing to do with the current situation as I’ve claimed, and that Desire threatened obsidian because obsidian was sleeping with her companion, Es Beacy.

Considering that the only mention of the vampiress durcilla that I made was in reference to Ryder, I have no other recourse than to sit here, drum my fingers on the desk, and figure out exactly why this was brought up. As the saying goes, a guilty conscience is its own accuser. Perhaps I should investigate this connection further.

As far as the timing statement is concerned, I was not aware that vampires that sever the other still hold claim over them. If this is the case, does this mean that Lucius still holds claim over ophelia? Do I still hold claim over Wolfshadow? If this IS the case, then I’m sure there would be a vampiress that would be interested in this information, and that would be the long-term companion of Es Beacy that came in between these two vampiresses. Or, rather than being a timing issue like I’m thinking, is this instead an admittance of infidelty on Desire’s part? At this point, nothing would surprise me.

The most interesting part of this is that noone spoke out about my reporting UNTIL I made the disclosures I did. Wouldn’t that be something that one would use to discredit me BEFORE I tell everyone? Why not use it?

Secondly, this is an editorial and has been marked such for reasons that I freely gave. I am writing based on what I have seen and what information has been GIVEN to me. If you disagree with my words, log in and make a comment. If you’re not talking, don’t bitch. Simple concept.

However, since technically the phone call that took place can be construed as a complaint, I have requested that the supervising editor of this paper go get what is claimed to be the other side of the story. I’m sure it will be an interesting read to say the least.



and you realise that obsidian is attacking Desire over what was said nearly 2 years ago?


“If you disagree with my words, log in and make a comment. If you’re not talking, don’t bitch. Simple concept.” ~ Seyda

and how many i do this if my comments will not be posted? Neither are a fellow clanmates comments …

… how can I disagree when I have tried 3 times to post a comment and yet I still cannot see it??

~ matej proudly LoSD


Before I actually comment, there is an issue with the paper’s comment queing system. So for the record, if a comment is made and doesn’t show up within a few minutes, please tap Hesu because she will have to publish them manually.

Now, moving on to the comment made, no matej, you are wrong. The threat made was indeed made in the year 2006. At the time, obsidian was Chancellor of the Shadow Court and soon afterward, Desire left the city. This moment in time is actually the first time that both of these vampiresses have been in the city at the same time and settled. If I were you, I would go challenge the vampiress who told you this misleading fact.


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