War from the Lawn Chair: Day Two

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Well day two and both sides are seeing large amounts of blood loss. I sit here and watch in my throne like lawn chair, sipping the finest in blood wine and having my feet massaged by a human slave.

Live fighting is going on all over the place… House of Heorot… the driving force and power house of this horde and from now on referred to as HoH… swoops in and makes just under 20 hits, snagging jerseydevil, ophelia and carpathia to name a few. Some live fighting ensues and the scent of blood fills the streets. It was an enjoyable show.

Later, Demons, Outlaws and Angels aka DOA, jump in, dropping unexpected blows on their new found enemy and standing side by side with their former clan mates, whom not long ago they had stated right in this very paper, that they would never again stand by, yet adding to the mass of minions on the prowl.

How many clans does it take to kill a TIC? The Inner Circle had been rather passive and silent for the past many months. Now for me, a real proof of prowess would have been mano y mano… clan against clan… not a massive horde of villains, many having no idea what they are fighting for or why, just blanketing the city with their mindless attacks.

Counting on sheer numbers and brute force is their game, throwing any real semblance of strategy or creative thinking to the wind. Like mindless zombies they swarm the streets, clan after clan, that had been rallied into the battle.

Yet, despite all of this might… TIC, yggdrasil and Empty Spiral have themselves caused a substantial amount of damage against their enemy. An average of 2900 pints of blood lost upon each vampire they have hit tonight and they have hit many. Elvenbane 1629, BubbleKnight 4144, epona 3683, Moondreamer 3143. Many of these vampires appear in far worse shape then the TIC side and with these huge numbers why?

Well first of all, TIC is full of well fed vampires, many starting in the 30’s and 40’s in blood. The question is, for every clan The Queen of HoH pulls out of her ass, I mean hat, is there another one to appear from the other side? If not… do they even NEED it with the damage they have caused after being so greatly outnumbered?

In all of this though. What The’s day was coming. As far as AQelDroma was concerned, she had screwed HoH over royally long ago, when they at one time were allies (or What The had led them to believe they were) when she faked HoH out, at the last minute, joining the other side and leaving them to fly blind in the wind and die.

AQel’s resentment towards What The has grown exponentially through the years and it was only a matter of time until AQel would find a way to get her revenge, no matter how she attained it. Gaining a massive force to do her bidding like she has, is sheer genius. Especially when most of them do not even know for what the Hell they are fighting.

AQel is smart, there is no doubt about it and somehow she found a way to get a gaggle of hellions to follow her and do her bidding. Ravaging the city and growing in strength day by day. Like a snowball they roll and grow, with dirty little pieces clinging to the edges hoping to grasp at even the smallest inkling of glory after HoH takes the win…if they do… and this time… they truly may.

The irony of HOH’s resentment towards the old Dark Alliance that had done them so wrong is repayment with a force that is an exact replica of it.

What The’s day may have come, but at what price? Only time will tell.



First of, instead of assuming why other clans have joined in to attack TIC did you bother asking the leaders of those clans why they decided to fight? Secondly, how is one a minion if they have changed their minds and have decided to fight alongside their old clanmates? Not to mention that just because they are fighting a common enemy does not mean that they are necessarely “standing by” them. And lastly, who says that all those in this war are following AQelDroma? Has it occured to you that others don’t like What The or TIC either? I don’t see a reason to call someone a hellion, just because they have decided to join a fight. Hellions, minions and some unfounded assumptions on the side, it was an interesting read.


That is a LOT of editorializing, especially because we’ve never spoken about What The, at least not to my knowledge… and if we did, it was in passing MONTHS ago.

And you belittle the clans by the House’s side if you think they are doing this for me.

-AQelDroma Queen of Heorot


Basically, the tag “editorial” implies that the article is not written as news, but as something that will heavily involve the opinion of those that are writing it. I’m not mentioning this to single CBK out specifically, but since I’ve gotten a LOT of feedback regarding the “news” that is being reported here, I feel this needs a mention.

Editorials inherently have some fact and some opinion. News is objective and contains only fact. If one does not like the opinions given, fine. You don’t have to, but to infer that anyone isn’t doing their due diligence on an editorial piece is rather ridiculous considering that editorials are based on opinion and speculation.

Just my two pennies.


Clarification - The House of Hells Angels from the DOA clan has joined the frey, not the entire clan. Willhelm and myself (Hells Angels) have been in negotiations with HoH since the day we left the Cap Clan. We have had a long standing relationship, one which has been very beneficial to both sides, one which we feel is and will continue to be a 2 way street and one that we will continue to honor. Alliances are a part of the city politics as it is today. We will continue to stand beside HoH and their other allies, if it is seen that we are standing side by side with the Capadocians, so be it, I do not harbour any ill will to the Capadocians. I do have the utmost respect for their Leadership and wish them well.

Brutus of the House of Hells Angels from DOA


First of all… this is what you and Pandrora indicated to me about What The on numerous occassion. Yes it was long ago, but I was unaware that histrorical stories change in time. I DO know that What The HIGHLY discredits this story, based upon her verbal tirade to me this morning about what garbage it was. I cannot say if it is true or false, only that it was what was relayed to me by you or Pandrora at one time.

Second of all AQD, I asked you if you wanted to share your side of things when the war began and you told me you and the rest of your crew had decided to keep things under wraps. So I respected this and did not ask anyone in a leadership role any further information.

I DID though ask a few “members” that are in the other clans what was going on. And they all equally had no clue why they were at war or why it began. As a matter of fact, one stated they were just in it because their friend was and the other asked me what an HoH was, if thats not the purest definition of minion, then I must have a bad dictionary.

min·ion /ˈmɪnyÉ™n/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[min-yuhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation ‘noun

  1. a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.

Nope, I got it correct

If they have their reasons for attacking What The (and I know the reasons abound), then they are free to state what they are. If they choose to not do so, they are free to do so as well. Yet I will feel free to editorialize.

This IS an editorial and it is based on knowledge given me. Just because it is NOT the way you SEE it does not mean it is NOT the way others do.

ed·i·to·ri·al /ˌɛdɪˈtÉ”riÉ™l, -ˈtoÊŠr-/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ed-i-tawr-ee-uhl, -tohr-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation ‘noun

  1. an article in a newspaper or other periodical presenting the opinion of the publisher, editor, or editors.


Below are just a few of the parts of this article that are PURE editorializing. My problems with this article are not that you are expressing your opinion, but rather that you have chosen to do it in such a way that you are presenting fiction for fact, without actually proving your allegations.

“AQel’s resentment towards What The has grown exponentially through the years”

“The irony of HOH’s resentment towards the old Dark Alliance that had done them so wrong is repayment with a force that is an exact replica of it.”


Seyda, I do understand that this is an editorial. However, there is a difference between an editorial that draws logical assumptions and conclusions based on evidence and research, and there is a difference between an editorial that does not. Furthermore, when this editorial uses low-frequency words that almost always evoke powerful emotional responses, then it resembles propaganda more than it resembles an editorial peace. Again, everybody can write an editorial peace, but there is a reason why so many people like reading your editorials, myself included, and why some never bother to even try writing one.

Hesu, just because one member of another clan does not know what HoH is, it does not mean that AQelDroma has everybody bidding to her wishes. Maybe the problem is that there is a lack of communication between the leadership of the said clan and this one person. I do not know, and I will not assume. However, the way this particular article was written, anybody who had a chance to read it would think that AQelDroma has everybody on a string and I highly disagree with that. You have the right to post whatever you would like, it is your editorial; however, if I feel like it is way off base I will reply with my point of view. That’s all.


An Editorial needs to be based in absolutely no fact at all, it can be 100% opinion. Yet this is not the case here.

Even if you do not SEE what I say to be the case. Even if it is NOT the case. Even if I do not beleive it to be the case.

In fact this editorial isnt quite my opinion, but an overall view of what I see and hear from the city. Being one that has nothing riding on which side wins this thing at all, there is absolutely no reason for me to propagandize anything.

If repeating the images that you, and your clans alliances project by their actions, appears to be propaganda to you. Something is certainly wrong and it isnt in the retelling of this view in my newspaper


This was an attack by House of Hells Angels not all of DOA. This war is based agents TIC as What The has been a bully of late and thinks she is untouchable and above all else. All who wish to stay out of this war should let us know. We will honor any stand down by the YGG or the ES. Last night the Hells Angels delivered over 225 holy waters. We will continue to stand by HoH as they have proven to be true allies in many wars in the past. We have and always will stand by or friends. Can the ones who stand with WhatThe say as much? Has she ever done that much for you or are you just needed at this time to be tossed aside later

Willhelm House of Hells Angels


You’re right, an editorial doesn’t have to have any facts at all.

I will admit I personally dislike when words such as “minions” and “hellions” are used in an article because so many use it. It seems as if it has become a fad. For example, any time someone finds themselves on the side of Clan Capadocious, they are called minions with no brains, and any time they oppose them, they are welcomed with open arms, and are hailed as open-minded vampires. That IS propaganda and that is what I was referring to. I am sorry I did not make it clear, I did not mean to imply that you were spreading propaganda through your article.

‘If repeating the images that you, and your clans alliances project by their actions, appears to be propaganda to you. Something is certainly wrong and it isn’t in the retelling of this view in my newspaper.’

To clear this part up, I never had a problem with the way you portrayed the actions of my clan, or other clans in this war. If you say clan DOA has decided to join the war, that is fine by me and it informs the readers of what is currently happening, so I am all for it. However, when you call the said clan minions because they are fighting alongside a clan they have left, that I do not agree with. But as both Seyda and you had said, it is an editorial so you can do as you wish.