War Day 3.5 From the Lawn Chair to You

2 minute read

If I sound uncomfortable, I have to tell you that I am sitting in Seydas lawn chair tonight and the things a piece of crap. I had mine custom made of the finest of velvets and woods, yet this evening, when I went to extract it from the shed, it was gone. But as a reporter must report, and the war rages on, I have to be tough and sit in the “walmart” chair gags.

Oh so first thing that I notice is that The Empire is fighting along side the Ex Da group. Wow… I wonder if all three actual members are fighting or if Creperum is allowing her pretend school students to pretend fight?

The initiators have yet to manage a single zero. Though it seems the yggdrasil/TiC side, (can you guys get a name so I can just us that? Lets say the Ex Dark Alliance against the HoH Alliance for simplicity sake.) have been rather sloppy at attaining a perfect zero… 7 here, 9 there… geez come on guys. But their zero list is extensive, including Sartori tonight and if I can see clearly enough further down the street, perhaps another one on its way.

But hey, dead is dead. And for the underdog, they certainly are making a mockery of the Church of Blood. Not that it was not already one. Who ever thought they’d see Moirai and his Daddums fighting on the HoH Cap side? I wonder what Roadie would say… or some of the ancient Cap haters, that once stood beside EvilBill.

Ahhh news flash…gargamel is dead… left with only 8 pints by the HoH side. So maybe the HoH side HAS gotten a kill. Still another sloppy one though. Either way MoonDreamer, epona, evilbill, xaxxa, Sartori, Elvenbane and much more killing apparently on the horizon for the Ex DA and I am sure more in store for us by the HoH Alliance, they are due some death dealing soon.

Word on the street, is there are other clans preparing to jump in. Who those clans may be… I could not, or maybe would not say. But another clan in the frey could certinly turn the cards and determine the fate with no questions asked. The question is, who might they be, where might they join and who might they choose to slaughter?

Well Seydas chair is chafing my lilly, white behind, so I am off for the night.

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