War from the Lawn Chair: Day Three

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Well, we’re three days into this current conflict, and as I sat in my lawn chair pissing and moaning about the lack of acknowledgement of my care packages, I almost missed the first casualty of war. Luckily, I looked up just in time to see Count Tuna strike the death blow on Moondreamer. This kill made a rather large statement, considering that the defending side struck gold first. With the fall of Moondreamer, the proverbial floodgate opened, as four more have fallen as of the time of this writing at the hands of the Inner Circle, the Empty Spiral, Yggdrasil, and Virtus Soliditas.

The actions of each side in this battle have been interesting to say the least. The side with the most kills is practically saying nothing at all. The side with a few screws loose in the jaw area have yet to pull a zero. What does this say? Well, it could say nothing, or’.everything. When thrust into the public eye, a vampire will have to deal with several things. The attention that goes with being in the public eye just may be the biggest. If a vampire is thrust unwillingly, it’s easy to see why they would not handle the pressure of being in the public eye well. However, if you leap into the spotlight, the attention received should be expected and handled much like the human athlete.

For every comment I have received criticizing my words, I have received ten applauding them. The most notable comment I received was, and I quote. ‘Seyda, if both sides are not willing to give official comments on what is going on, why are they so upset when you have no choice but to speculate on it?’ Hot damn, I think someone gets it. So to you, mystery person who shall remain nameless because you’re not answering your cell while I write this, you win a free ‘I called Seyda and lived’ t-shirt courtesy of the Republic of Ravenblack. Like that cheap plug? Yeah, me too.

Moving right along, what has happened to EvilBill? I was sitting in the halls of the RBC earlier tonight having a bloodwine (since constant brewskie does not a happy Seyda make) and I overheard EvilBill carrying on about honor since gargamel, a vampire from Empty Spiral, got his wires crossed and took the 84 blood he had gained. Prior to the speech in RBC, gargamel had made an effort to make amends, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for the Reverend. What happened to the evil, nasty, take no prisoners Reverend of old? Either the D’dary curse slapped itself all over EvilBill when he bound to MiaRaeLyn, or someone else was the true mastermind behind the old Church of Blood. Who knows.

In other news, is it just me, or is it taking a loooong time for these zeros? Remind me to add some coffee beans to the care packages next time. Holy cow.

The current count? Aggressed and friends 5’Nothing to Prove 0. Considering that there really isn’t that much for me to say to bolster that statistic, I think I’ll toddle off to find some string to hold my new chair together. The piece of shit is starting to fall apart already. Damned Wal-Mart’



If you look, most of the clans on the side of the AoF are experienced, and their warriors and/or leaders are accustomed to being in the public eye, so not handling pressure is a moot point. Perhaps there’s simply nothing of interest coming from the other side that is even remotely worth commenting on, other than for clarification on erronious statements from them.

From what I’ve seen in comments here, some have gone on the verbal attack, and then graciously retracted their statements. Others have taken shots at bloodlines, both from warriors in the battle and apparently, from what I’ve seen here, one of the Editor’s own bloodline.

smiles It makes one wonder at times: Why such rabid behavior ?

As for what happened to the Reverend, perhaps you should make a poll snickers

And lastly, a formal statement for you, even though it was not requested. Though I will not speak for every clan fighting on our side, I can say with relative certainty that will will continue to maintain our momentum and holding our ground until we can no longer do so. Anything beyond that would require pointed questions that may not get answered.

ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil AoF


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