New Horizons

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So many centuries have passed since I had the pleasure to meet so i did him (also known as sidh). I was merely a new vampire in the Clan of the Archangel when she became a student in our school and began training with me.

She learned fast and her warmth enveloped everyone she touched, later moving to SIE (The Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment) with me, helping me to build the very school that continues to stand and remains highly active to this day, now under the watchful eye of twylyte De Cross.

Good times of great triumph and bad times of twisted words and deceit are some of the many paths that we have toiled down together. Yet in the end she has remained strong and true and loyal to me. The Sire of her choice. She rose to power in her next chosen clan and then finally found her niche in the Republic of Ravenblack.

In times of darkness, when my clan or a clan of the Alliance was under siege, or if any member of the family blood was threatened so i did him was always there, ready to fight and protect with no question.

so i did him was of the first, perhaps the very first childer to request me as a sire. Through thick and thin her loyalty to me has stood true.

Today, this beautiful and gracious vampiress, talented guide, loyal friend and proficient shop and guild finder, leaves the city forever. She will rest within the safety of my home as she falls into shadows for an undetermined and most likely indefinite amount of time.

Rest well my baby girl. Your beauty will reign true upon this city of darkness that somehow you always managed to shed some light upon us all.

Rest in Peace my childer, warrior, friend and esteemed colleague. Rest in Peace.


Scythian Chornovyl

Rest well my friend, rest well.

[url=]Scythian Chornovyl[/url] ~Son of Lucius TGI of SIE


I met so i did him what seems like an aeon ago in the hall of RBC. We spoke, and we hit it off immediately. Never have I known a warmer presence, a more loving personality or a more generous soul. She takes her rest as one of my closest friends, if not my closest friend. I said my farewells earlier today, and I do not doubt that I will shed a tear for her later tonight.

In a city that moves on quickly, and forgets loved ones of the past, this vampire will never forget the beguiling, beautiful and close friend he found in a vampiress he met by chance.

Take your rest well, Sidh, you’ll be dearly missed.

Andre D’dary.

Lord BubbleKnight

Damn! That’s most unfortunate news! I had the chance to talk and to work with her many times when I still used to lead the Guildhunters’ Team, well before the Sisterhood of the Booze, and she was a great promise in the city. I never talked too much with her, but I always held her in high respect. It’s a sad thing to see her looking for eternal rest.

Sleep well, sidh. You will be missed by many, you can be sure.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Companion to Lady Lilac of the Mafia Leader of the Capadocians