Rumor Has It…..

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That doncey, Father of the Path of Enlightenment, and his clan are looking to make a name for themselves in the city. Apparently, after a year and change, doncey is beginning to feel like he warrants a bit more respect then he’s getting from the city at large. This may explain the posturing of himself and his clan members up to Damari Jones on one of the lesser publications this past week. After a small back and forth between the two sides, it is rumored that Lather had the consent from doncey to throw a shot at Damari, but she was unable to be reached in shadows. That was probably a blessing in disguise for the PoE, considering that Damari is a member of The Republic and has been for some time. Apparently, nitenurse St. John, Consul of The Republic, intervened publically after doncey threatened Damari and after a bit of back and forth between the two leaders, doncey tucked tail and ran.

However, the buzz on the street is that this is not the end of the story. After his clan members made complete hypocritical asses of themselves publically, it seems that doncey is looking for something to make the critics quiet down. Something like’taking down The Republic. The decision itself, if made, would be rather interesting. Both PoE and RoR are the two direct off shoots of the League of Shadow Demons and so both leaders involved had the exact same training and clan background. RoR was created in September 2005 when Seyda St. John, Rawnie (of Capadocian blood), and Wolfshadow all three broke off from the LoSD to establish a clan that they thought would keep the ideals that LoSD had right and fix what was wrong. PoE was created around September 2006 in similar fashion, after the revolving door of leadership in LoSD when PTBarnum tossed tgcsmith to the sidewalk followed by Secret tossing PTBarnum and handing the keys back to DarkestDesire. doncey, not liking what he was seeing, broke off with several members of LoSD to create the Path of Enlightenment also in an attempt to keep the ideals he liked and fix what he thought was wrong. In January 2007, RoR absorbed the League of Shadow Demons. Several of the members stayed within the RoR fold, and some, not liking the philosophies of Seyda St. John, hit the street and made a home within PoE.

As far as history is concerned, there is plenty between the two entities. If the benches on each side cleared, there would be several things at stake. Firstly, if doncey and PoE were able to knock off the older and more experienced RoR, they would be able to instantly position themselves as a major player in the city, rather than the second-tier reputation they currently hold. If nitenurse and RoR takes care of business as would be expected, then they would put another in the win column. But other than that, pure bragging rights would be up for grabs as well. Outside of the political arena, doncey and nitenurse are friends, and one of them would have the ability to say ‘We were right,’ as far as clan philosophy is concerned.

But, whenever the possibility of war is looming on the horizon, it’s very rarely the clans themselves that make the difference. The difference makers are usually the wild cards that each clan leader has shoved in their pockets. doncey is the childer of Miranda Dawn, which also lends itself to the connections not only with the members of the bloodline, but with his sister shaarinya’s clan, IDC, as well. On the other hand, nitenurse is the childer of Seyda St. John, which opens up the same issues as well. Both Seyda and Asmia St. John are currently members of Yggdrasil, and nitenurse also has the familial connection to her sister, Majica, who most recently made a surprise splash on the city at large by completely dominating The Mafia almost single handedly. So, doncey may have a family pool to dip himself into, but nitenurse has more than enough to offset it.

The other wild card are the ex-members of The Republic in the PoE fold, the most notable being Wyndcryer, a former St. John herself. If Wyndcryer took the knowledge that her sire Seyda had given her over the year she was in the bloodline and presented it on a silver platter to doncey, then he may have the confidence to impart a strategy to pull off a win. On the other hand, did Wyndcryer get enough information to truly be able to secure a win for her side? When Seyda stepped down from leading The Republic, she did pass on handing the clan to her oldest active in childer in lieu of giving it to nitenurse. That vote of confidence by the head of the St. John line may be an indicator that everything that doncey would need to know may not rest in the former St. John’s head.

In any event, if the clashing of these two clans did occur, it would be an interesting sight for the entire city to behold. Those of us at the Grimoire will be keeping our ears to the ground and as soon as we hear any more rumblings, you’ll be the first to know.



Well, haven’t THEY been busy. Num-nuts. Maybe you should go apologise. Apparently that works. Whether you mean it or not.

    Damari    ~Silence Raaawrs


Although none of them have commented here, apparently, there is a stream of defensiveness coming out of 360s everywhere. As a result of this editorial, Grimoire staff have been directly insulted, demanded that their opinions be labeled such (apparently the editorial tag is too ‘smart’ for some), and have been told that they were being trolled to the 360s for this to occur. Well, in this writer’s opinion (there, it’s labeled now for the mentally deficient), if there wasn’t a grain of truth in this completely rumor driven editorial, then there wouldn’t be quite the uproar from the PoE crowd. But instead there are droves of name calling and denials and Momma Dawn trying to make everyone feel better. My question is Why? Is it that the article itself had 104 direct reads? Is PoE that afraid of free advertising? Or is it because the Editor of this paper is ophelia Lokason and the Assistant Editor is Seyda St. John? Is it the “tucked tail and run” comment? Or is it the assertion that if PoE and RoR DID connect, that RoR would be considered the favorite? If PoE truly did not care about the content of the article as they have claimed, then instead of defensiveness, there would be mockery or even praise for the fact that their clan name got mentioned x number of times publically. But no, the instant defense. Leads this writer to believe that maybe there is more fact in the rumor then previously believed.