Pub Review ~Secret Sanctuary~

2 minute read

Ravenblack’s City is known for many things. The streets are overflowing with decadence and sensuality, crime and debauchery. There are as many different reasons as to why we have chosen to call this place home as there are souls here. This city is a living, breathing thing. It holds us enraptured with its drama and emotion. We have found our own kind here, gathered in one place, living among and above humanity. The humanity is necessary, as it feeds our thirst and gives us camouflage.

But after the hunt, after the necessary things, we the Undead like our leisure time. This town is teeming with establishments to meet our entertainment needs. It has over 100 bars, taverns, and private social clubs. These range from dingy pubs in the low-rent neighborhoods to up-scale socialite establishments. We all have our favorite nightly stops, but there are times, perhaps, when we would like to try something new. This column is here to help with that.

Recently I found myself at a small private club on Raven St. between 13th and 14th. The front is quite modest, a low-lying brick building sitting on the edge of the SIE Compound. The back leads into the abundant gardens, and compliments the Secret Sanctuary of SIE. This is a members-only establishment, though all in the city are invited to apply for membership. Upon entering, I was impressed with the natural wood that dominates the establishment. From the polished mahogany bar to the hardwood floors and wall coverings, it radiates the true feeling of sanctuary. The bar is set in a large circle in the centre of the main room. There are a variety of professional bartenders available to host many types of affairs, both Undead and human. There is also a large private banquet room that is available for numerous affairs, from bindings to holiday events and theme parties.

But perhaps the most unique area of the club lies in the back, where a large marble-inlaid patio looks out and down on the Olympic-size pool the sets 20 feet below. There is a large staircase leading down, as well as a diving board that is accessed from the main level. The pool area is lush with greenery and lined with lounge chaises. There is also a hot tub and sauna room available for use in all private functions. The top of the pool area is glassed, with wood blinds that can be opened to let in the moonlight, then closed during the day to allow for the fun to continue after the sun comes up.

When there is not a special party going on, the mood is casual and festive. You can engage in lively social conversation, or find a quiet corner for two. The drinks are strong, and varied enough to meet even the most selective of palates. Lively stories abound, and there are many friendships forged within those walls. To apply for membership to the Secret Sanctuary, simply drop an application at