The What Annoys YOU the Most Contest

1 minute read

Ok so the verdict is in, the most annoying thing in the city is

drum roll

Cheaters with 34% of the vote with Drama Queens coming in at 21%… Liars came in at 11% and it gets fairly even from there.

Being that this is the general FEEL of the city, we have decided to run a contest. There will be three winners (as long as at least 10 vampires actually enter the contest)

The contest entails, picking one of the subjects Cheaters, Liars or Drama Queens and writing a true story about your experience with such. The story need only be 2-5 paragraphs, but it must contain real names and actual situations.

The entries will be printed here anonymously and then there will be a poll put up for the city to decide the winners. Now keep in mind, that we can see who votes for what, so if you vote for yourself or high a gaggle of buds come to do it, we will catch it.

The prize will be 10,000 coins for 1st place 5,000 coins for 2nd and 2,000 coins for 3rd.

Again, if we do not get 10 entrants, the stories will still be posted, but the contest will not occur.

All stories must be received by the editor by midnight Sunday CST 2/25/07. The link to the editor, can be found on the front page.