The Most Influential Campaign

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Well, as the last conflict has wrapped itself up and all the vamps and vampiresses in the city are relatively quiet handling their own business, I felt this would be the perfect time to run what I’ve been calling the Most Influential Campaign. Okay, don’t glaze over yet. Basically, what will happen is for the next two weeks, I will be accepting nominations from the city’s population on which vampires you think are the most influential in the city. There will be two categories for nominations to be made: vampires whom shaped the city back when it had no identity of its own, and vampires who are currently reshaping it today. For those of you who don’t understand’past peeps and present peeps.

Each vampire in the city will have the chance to nominate three vampires for each category. At the end of the two week period, I’ll count up the nominations, and the vampires receiving the highest amount of nominations will make the list. The Grimoire will then present a feature article on each vamp complete with an interview with the vampire themselves (if they’ll grant it, obviously) and interviews from other vampires who agree with the city’s opinion and oppose it.

So, what do you have to do to place your nominations? It’s very simple. You can just email me at with your three nominations from each category and the reason why each is being nominated. It is important that you give a reason for your nomination; any nominations without reasoning will be not be counted.

Now, for a few guidelines. This campaign is not a popularity contest. It is designed to honor those ‘pires who have either blazed the trail the rest of us are following, or are currently changing the ways you look upon the city. Don’t nominate your girlfriend or boyfriend, your clan leader, your sire or your childer because they’re ‘cool.’ If I get entire clans sending in their nomination for a clan leader that no one has ever heard of or who obviously has done nothing of note, they won’t make the list. So enter the Bullshit Clause. If I feel that someone is stacking the box to make the list although I personally have no clue why they are being nominated, I will scream out ‘Bullshit’ at the top of my lungs and then go ask a smattering of ‘pires in the city what they think. If the Bullshit Committee deems that the nomination is legit, that ‘pire will get their day in the sun. If not, tough’well, shit. With that said, if I see one ‘Vote for me’ message anywhere, I’ll disqualify the attention whore immediately.

Considering that I just know that a few will end up campaigning in private anyway, rest assured that I will keep your nominations confidential. If you don’t mind my printing a quote of why you are nominating a certain ‘pire, please let me know when you send the nomination.

I’m sure at this point, you’re all wondering just how many vampires will be featured in the campaign. My answer to that is’.it depends. If I get 20 nominated vampires and two get most of the votes, then there would be two. If the votes are more spread out, then more vampires will be featured.

Now, get out there and nominate. The deadline for nominations will be 12 midnight (EDT) on May 6th. If no one participates, you’ll be forced to endure a campaign based on my own personal opinion’and I’m sure there are a LOT of you who really, really don’t want that. Right? RIGHT?

Seyda Assistant Editor



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Damari My friends call me ~Silence


Woders how the nominations are going?

Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel


Piss poor. There were three respondents, so Seyda needs some time to actually THINK of supplements to the list that would be legit…