The Sartoueramus

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The Sartoueramus is a sparkly flower. It shines with inner light and radiates wit and humour. It has purple petals, at the end of a long green stalk - some say that the uppermost petals are either grey or white, depending on how much grief the plant’s seeds give the Sartoueramus.

Part of the Capadosia genetics, the Sartoueramus was imported from England a number of centuries back, just after the founding of the City. It can mainly be found in public places, although a vampire must be careful when bending down to sniff its scent, as the Sartoueramus is prolific pincher and has been known to nab wallets on such occasions.

Holy Water is the preferred nourishment of the Sartoueramus, and the plant often puts itself in situations where it can be watered by passers-by. A fun plant to have around, it generally brightens up the dreariest of castles.



About the prolific nature of this particular flower.. smile

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…that this particular flower tends to captivate members of the female vampire species with their particularly alluring petals and aromas, stealing not only their wallets but their interest, making them devote themselves to grow it exclusively or with preference over other flowers.

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