The nemia wingsis

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The nemia wingsis is an obscure flower, grown mainly in the back rooms of Potion shops by the necromancers. It has a dark brown colour, and can only be grown in warm weather (or in an incubator during the winter). The origins of this plant are shrouded in mystery, for it is a plant used in voodoo rituals. From close study, it appears that the plant was originally from the southern states of America, which explains the requirement of a warm climate.

It has a sickly sweet smell when in bloom and grows sharp points on the end of some stems, the dark brown flowers being large enough to conceal the points beneath. This allows it to maintain an innocent appearance, before striking and killing its prey. The sickly sweet smell is used to attract small animals and human children, since they have not had the time to learn any better.

The necromancers use a concoction of nemia wingsis and Jamaican rum in their voodoo rituals - due to being chased off by wild pygmies while researching these rituals, my field agents have yet to ascertain whether the rum is an actual ingredient or just there for drinking.

The nemia wingsis is part of the af Gyllustriennia genetics, and is a vicious plant when it doesn’t get its own way.



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