Happy Anniversary

1 minute read

Today is one year since I made a commitment to my beloved. Today is one year full of ups and downs. Today is a special day, that much can be said. Today is a wonderful day, I will accept no frowns.

One year since we started our journey. One year unlike any other. One year that just might be destiny. One year with you as my lover.

We start a new year, a new beggining. We start a new year, one to be better than the last. We start a new year, just you and me together. We start a new year, fears and worries in the past.

I take your hand in mine. I hold you close to me. I kiss you softly on the lips. My lips touching yours, so soft and tenderly.

You are the one I love, the one I always want to be with. You are the one I dream of at night, the one I hold so close to me. You are the one I need, the one who can calm my heart. You are my beautiful angel, the one who makes me me.

I love you always and forever. Happy Anniversary, my beautiful Imortallia kisses