The Look.

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With eyes of obsidian lure she watches me. Looking over at me as we lay in our sanctuary of rest and love. Almost as though tracing each and every inch of me. Those eyes, undressing me. Kissing me. Caressing every inch and pore. Her soft porcelain face bringing chills to my spine, and such a taste does it have. Like the nectar that keeps a bee alive, she feeds me with that taste. And with a moonlit shine those eyes sparkle, they gleam, they in trance me. She is but a drug, my drug. One I will not perish of from overdose but will with withdrawal…

Eternity’s end, will always be the beginning for she and I. My love, My reflection, My other half. Bound by blood, By the heart and Bodies we intertwine. Forever and Always, I love you undone.

Pînă la sfîrşit de timp I sînt al tău. De-a pururi. ~M