For the Angel of My Heart

1 minute read

A red Rose, all I send, To say my love can never end, Yet you are more beautiful than any mere Rose Or flower that in the gardens of heaven may grow, For any rose is but shade when compared to you,

Like the sunshine that that glows from above, And brings warmth on days with freezing dove, So does my heart swell and glow, from the moment my eyes have you to behold,

And each moment spend with you, My love keeps growing like a garden coming in full blew, You are Special in every which way, and in many only the heavens may name, you mean the world to me, the sweetest and loveliest there can ever be, today or tomorrow, from the first day, you always have and will take my breath away,


But all words seem to dull to me, Compared to the feelings I hold in me, Thus I will now simply say, From heaven caress, to hells flame, my love for you shall forever remain.

Yvalm tu’jol avariel. Bound Beyond Eternity.

That’s what I will engrave on our rings… by this I ask of you, KotkaMroku… Marry me?

(I did that in RL… she said yes :) )