Your Knight I May Never Be

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Your knight in shining Armour, I may never be. For the only armour I’ve to shine, Is the love I have for thee.

Demons I have slain, But where that of my own. Yet none the less for you, Our family, Our home.

I have labored untill I couldn’t go on, Just to give back to you, and repay my doings of wrong.

I have fallen from grace, Been smashed and defeated, My tears, the mud on my face.

My honor I’ve betrayed, Dealing in lies to you. Yet never have we strayed, So again we start anew.

A Man with misguided pride Abandoning the “self” that used to be Just to have you by my side, My love, can’t you see

I have traveled over the ocean wide, Just to protect, and stand at your side.

Yet still, Your knight in shining armour, I may never be.

Yet the vices I’ve changed, The Challenges I’d do. the strongest of men, Stands right before you.

It’s here within me, oh, how I wish you could see

I have prayed over a thousand times To be “Your Knight”… …Who’s Armour it Shines.

To TreyaStorm From TarrynRayn