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From immemorial times that I have quartered my cerebral sphincters to painfully give birth to some laborious and hateful texts about people I don’t even really hate, it was meant to happen. I had strictly nothing to say.

I was stricken with a sudden case of hypotension and inquisitive lack of appetite, dried up, hollow, empty, bloodless, blacked out, lobotomized, suberous, unthinking, unplugged, sub-half-witted, cataleptic, hypo-wrathful and unhateful, inexistent, petrified, depressive, barbitural, anorexic, neurasthenic, sub-lethargic, half-mooned, and para-vegetable. Don’t look for the useless mentions to stripe, there is none.

Then I suddenly realized that I didn’t need to answer my mail and a door of many possible random thoughts opened to me. So be afraid, Lucius’ Corner might not be the safest place for the inquiring mind’

~Lucius The Chaosophist