End Of The Line For Evilive?

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</table> NOTE: Projection is the result if all remaining rounds match this one. Hits is based on the number of hits required to zero the vampire using the holy water formula and switching to garlic at the right time (based on average damage of 37.5 per garlic). Workings of the calculations available on request. As this stunning duel approaches it's climax, Lucius has hit his most dominating form so far. Much as it pains us to say this, the High Priest of Lies made mincemeat of the Loki of Valhalla this round, landing 21 hits on evilive to 13 received. The end cannot be far away for evilive_inc, who was the runaway hot favourite before the start of proceedings here. A major benefit of a victory for the High Priest, however, is there will inevitably be far less complaining at the end. NOTE: We have devoted much time and effort to getting the hit figures right, but, as this is the first time we have used this measure, we may have got it wrong. If you think we've made a mistake, don't hesitate to say. # Comments ---- ## Ondag the City's memory is not long enough to remember who Lucius was before he was the High Priest of Lies. Or who initiated and perfected the art of zeroing. This duel has amused me greatly... And after I thought nothing could any longer. Fine reporting by the way, Madeye. ~On-da-g~ Temple of Lies Priestess of Small Lies and Large Truths Oracle ~ The Ferrymen House of Lucius ---- ## CBK During the battle evilive_inc was Holy Watered once outside the grid and to compensate for that Lucius will be Holy Watered once before the next round. Don't think it will make any difference when it comes to your projection but might as well keep things completely accurate. As for your post Ondag, well it seems vampires like to forget some things rather quickly when it suits them so. No matter though, hope you are enjoying the spectacle. ---- ## Alonicus If I recall my history rightly, Lucius was not only the one who perfected it, he invented it and was the first to take the theory and carry it out in practice. What has to be remembered here is that (for all he is an enemy of mine), I can't fault evilive as a warrior. People had forgotten how frighteningly effective Lucius is, but I doubt there are many who could stand up to evilive in a one-on-one duel, and few indeed who could dream of besting him. This is certainly shaping up to be an epic in the annals of Ravenblack, and I have to say also reflects credit on those who have given their time to be seconds, to adjudicate, and to ensure outside parties don't become involved. Thank you to all of you for giving us this great grudge match :D Jean DeVenn The Ferrymen The House of Lucius ---- ## Arsanga I second that *munches on popcorn and goes back to watching* hehe ~Arsanga ó Cionaoith~ Prime Minister of Clan Seraphim Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez ---- ## Damari Ohh I think they remember alright and it suits them to believe that he is weaker for his absence. Whatever the outcome, these two have at least shown that a duel CAN be held honourably. Damari ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius ---- ## Aahzmandius Should be fun, or at least entertaining. }:)
Round: 4
BloodStartFinishBlood Loss
TotalsLucius 718 aheadLucius 1183 aheadLucius gains 465
HitsStartFinishHits Lost
TotalsLucius 5 aheadLucius 13 aheadLucius gains 8
Projection:Lucius to win in the next round