Interview with HBK

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Ladywulfe: very well…. Let me start by saying Im happy to meet you HBK: same here Ladywulfe: I am Ladywulfe of SIE Ladywulfe: ok, I will go right to it Ladywulfe: First, Have you ever heard of me? HBK: yes Ladywulfe: Good thats nice to know Ladywulfe: What or who brought you to RBC? HBK: Kenosha_Vamp

Ladywulfe: They told you of the city? HBK: I let her move in with me and she was alway playing the game so i sat and watched her for a while then i joined but this was way back when the Shadow Court was still The Dynasty Ladywulfe: ah I see. I was not in the city then Ladywulfe: I’m new about 11 months to the city HBK: long time ago Ladywulfe: indeed Ladywulfe: ok..How long have you been in RBC? HBK: 4 or 5 years Ladywulfe: Thats truly amazing! Ladywulfe: I really feel humbled now HBK: I started with The Dynasty then went Shadow Court then had a falling out so i went to where i am now The Ferrymen Ladywulfe: Wonderful! What does HBK stand for, may I ask? HBK: HeartBreak Kid Ladywulfe: Ohh ok cool! HBK: even though im 34 IRL Ladywulfe: lol, well age doesn’t really matter HBK: still a kid at heart Ladywulfe: thats what matters… Ladywulfe: Ladywulfe is young, but her human is 36 Ladywulfe: ok..Who was the first pire you met in the city that influenced you HBK: well there were a few Ladywulfe: name as many as you wish HBK: Kenosha_Vamp, Lucuis, Ophelia, and there was 1 that i cant remeber his name but he is no longer in the game Ladywulfe: I see, all of them are great vampires. I hope to be interviewing them as well. HBK: might be hard to get a hold of Kenosha Ladywulfe: Maybe in time one day.. Im not in a hurry. Ladywulfe: What wars have you been in, if any? HBK: well of course there was the latest with CoB but it turned out to be DA, and there were a few others Ladywulfe: Can you name the others? I’d be interested in knowing those as well HBK: I believe there was one with Cap but my memory just dont seem to want to work atm Ladywulfe: Thats ok, we can move on.. Ladywulfe: Have you ever been zeroed? HBK: indeed Ladywulfe: really? can you account how many times? HBK: one can not expect to go to war without the price of being zeroed HBK: I have been zeroed twice Ladywulfe: exactly. What are your feelings as far as honor in being zeroed? HBK: when I am zeroed go into resting for the 2 weeks. I feel that if you engage in the war it is an honor if you are zeroed and rest because you know you went down fighting. one of my favorites is : I shalt not go silently into the night Ladywulfe: Very good quote to live by, and thank you for your insight. By this you will enlighten many who read this. Ladywulfe: Are you bound? HBK: yes just recently Ladywulfe: Wonderful, congratulations are in order! Ladywulfe: And what is her name, please? HBK: I am happily bound to the wonderful Vella Ladywulfe: Ohh Vella! She is a delight! HBK: Ladywulfe: I have met her a few times, and am always happy to share a few words with her. Congratulations again!! HBK: ty Ladywulfe: Have have you been bound with anyone other then who you are now? HBK: no I was a companion to Kenosha but she became inactive because of RL issues so she is barely around HBK: but we are still very close RL friends Ladywulfe: Well, I am impressed to say the least for being in the city as long as you have been. You were a bachelor for far too long.. LOL Ladywulfe: What vampire do you look up to most? HBK: I would say til a recent falling out I worshiped the ground Lucius walked on Ladywulfe: Oh I am sorry to hear you had a falling out HBK: its a matter of common curtousy and respect Ladywulfe: Is there anyone else that you find to be wise and worthy HBK: I would say that I still look up to the ones that brought me into this game Ladywulfe: very well then.. HBK: even during time of war I still show Ophelia respect and she in turn does the same. Weapons are just that and are expected to be used in the time of war no matter if you are friends with that person or not but when all is said and done you both respect each other and continue your friendship. If you lose your friendship because of this then I guess you were never truely friends Ladywulfe: Thats true. In the short time I have lost a few friends over meaningless things.. so I am inclined to believe the same. Ladywulfe: What vampire do you least like? HBK: DoomHammer, GD or whatever he decides to call himself Ladywulfe: I have heard others in agreeance with you… HBK: the reason being is he is a loose cannon he has no respect for others and a total lack of dicipline Ladywulfe: I know of others that follow in his footsteps, unfortunately Ladywulfe: Who do you feel is the bravest warrior? HBK: That was one of the reasons I had him booted from The Ferrymen Ladywulfe: Ahh I see HBK: well thats a hard call because I really dont follow the RP of the game but I will say that i have to give it to the ones i have seen lately that are taking their problem to a duel instead of an all out war between clans. the ones I cant stand are those that throw a weapon on new vampires that have stole from them. I feel that if they have been here long enough they should know how to count aps and know how to bank Ladywulfe: indeed! Lucius and evilive have been dueling very hard and there may be one between BloodGod and Sartori..possibly Ladywulfe: I agree with you Ladywulfe: Who do you consider to be most cowardly? HBK: those that hide behind their clan. Ladywulfe: heh heh.. point taken Ladywulfe: Whats the worse thing you have ever seen a vampire do to cause their own ruin? HBK: well would have to say that if it wasnt for the battle cloak comming out it would have been AdaMas Ladywulfe: Oh? and what did he do? HBK: you cant attack a clan as a sole vamp and say because I can Ladywulfe: ohh thats like God Playing HBK: but he was recieving outside help but HBK: he attacked several Ferrymen because he can I guess but that of course is not acceptable but The Ferrymen will not wear the Cloaks so…. Ladywulfe: Cloaks to me are not honorable Ladywulfe: ok.. HBK: me niether and being part of the High Council of The Ferrymen we have made the decision not to wear them Ladywulfe: thats good. Its important to represent the High Council in such a way Ladywulfe: What is the worst/best thing you feel you have done? HBK: the best thing HBK has done was got out of the intel business. too much of a headache lol. but in all honesty I try to help the new vamps out as much as i can with guidence and support. like say if i see a post about a blue bank i will waste the tele and scroll to clear it no matter if I know the vamp or not Ladywulfe: That is a really honorable thing to do. I dont think I would yet do that myself for an unknown pire to me Ladywulfe: Your very admirable HBK: well my feeling is this the new vampires basically dont know about the game and if they are robbed at every turn you cant expect them to get their powers especially when you have those that sit in the bank on purpose just so the new vamps cant get in to deposit Ladywulfe: thats true, so your a guardian in a sense to them, enabling them safe passage through the city. You’re quite the nobleman Ladywulfe: What are you best known for? Ladywulfe: and we are almost HBK: HBK is not well known in the city which is due to the fact I dont RP unless I get mad and have something to say. I basically like to stay behind the scenes you can call it Ladywulfe: Well that is a great trait to have.. to be there in teh shadows and only speak when its absolutely needed. Many could learn alot for you Ladywulfe: If a pire was to look for you to talk with you, where do you to reside most? HBK: ym lol Ladywulfe: LOL Ladywulfe: I get ya! HBK: but I do look for posts about HBK or The Ferrymen Ladywulfe: ok, so in sense anyone could find you..say in RBC or RBB, right? HBK: but Vella is always reading them so she may throw a post # to me to read HBK: yes RBC RBB The Roost, several Ladywulfe: Vella is a well respected vampiress. I like her posts Ladywulfe: Good! I am in all those ! HBK: yes she is the role player of the 2 of us lol Ladywulfe: Do you have a motto to live by, or a favorite metaphor? HBK: like i said before i love the quote “ I shall not go silently into the night” HBK: because it has many meanings Ladywulfe: I thought as much… it’s a good motto to live by HBK: you could take it as if you mess up i will not go silently i will hit you with everything I got or……. Ladywulfe: ah ha!! I like that! Ladywulfe: Ok now wrapping up…. Ladywulfe: Is there anything you would like to tell about yourself that I did not ask you, and you feel would be important or special to know about you? HBK: I am normally around on my ym @ joelr31271 and if anyone needs help I am almost always there Ladywulfe: good! I am sure you will be getting knocks on your door! Ladywulfe: How was my interview? How could I improve in any way HBK: you did very well HBK: I will pass on to Kenosha that you would like to interview her as well Ladywulfe: Thank you. I tried to ask questions that didn’t incline to bore you or leave you insensed thinking I was off my nut Ladywulfe: Thank you very much HBK I would really appreciate that!! Ladywulfe: if interested, I am Ladywulfe69@yahoo Ladywulfe: one final question… Ladywulfe: May I use our conversation for reportings HBK: of course HBK: i have not said anything that i cant back up with facts Ladywulfe: Thank you, and let me say it was great nterviewing you and I enjoyed talking to you so much! Ladywulfe: True! HBK: it was nice meeting you Ladywulfe: It was truly a pleasure HBK Ladywulfe: and me too Ladywulfe: Good Evening… ohh and more more thing.. should you feel a RP in order witk vella.. I own a Italian eatery and I would be honored for you and Vella to come and dine complimentary Ladywulfe: HBK: Ladywulfe: its quite romantic, and truly alot of fun Ladywulfe: Here’s the address to tuck away for the future! Ladywulfe: Thank you again HBK and I will see you around. HBK: ok ttyl I am checking out your site now Ladywulfe: Wonderful! HBK: Membership Pending!



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