Evilive_inc In Stirring Fight Back

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</table> NOTE: Projection is the result if all remaining rounds match this one. Hits is based on the number of hits required to zero the vampire using the holy water formula and switching to garlic at the right time (based on average damage of 37.5 per garlic). Workings of the calculations available on request. After being decimated by his opponent in Round 4, evilive_inc has shown true steel in winning the fifth round, landing 19 hits on his opponent to 15 received, narrowing the blood deficit by over 500 pints. Unfortunately for the Loki of Valhalla, he still needs to work a miracle to turn this contest around, being only 3 hits away from oblivion. NOTE: The damage inflicted by garlic is random, so the hit figures may vary from reality. # Comments ---- ## Aahzmandius evilive_inc was the clear winner this round, but it's a case of too little too late in my opinion. evilive_inc out fought Lucious by a margin of about 3:2 and this was his best round yet. Even if he managed to pull off another round similar to this, the fight would finish with Lucius at 588. evilive_inc would need a ratio of 4:1 just to make it close. I concur, evilive_inc needs a miracle. Aahzmandius ---- ## Aahzmandius I'm just dieing to know. }:) ---- ## Madeye It happened last night
Round: 5
BloodStartFinishBlood Loss
TotalsLucius 1183 aheadLucius 653 aheadevilive_inc gains 530
HitsStartFinishHits Lost
TotalsLucius 13 aheadLucius 9 aheadevilive_inc gains 4
Projection:Lucius to win in the next round