Interview with Damari

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Ladywulfe prepared herself for a pleasant chat with Damari. She has just awakened and still had a bit of the sleep in her eyes, so she rubbed at her eyes, yawned and stretched. She laid her things on the table, fetched some coffee and sat back and waited for her to enter the cafe. After a few moments passed, Damari finally entered the cafe, and caught the attention of Ladywulfe who then waved for her to come over. “Good Evening Damari! I am glad you were able to come. Can I get you a coffee?” Damari nodded and smiled. She walked to the counter and poured a cup for her and set it infront of her. Ladywulfe seated herself, smiled and sipped her coffee. Damari sat and got comfortable, while Ladywulfe set up her area. She placed a small digital recorder on the table and told Damari that when she was ready, she’d start. “ I’m ready, just let me know when you’re about to start the tape recorder. “ Damari softly replied. Ladywulfe hit the record button and began her interview…. ladywulfe: First I wanted to tell you that I started this quest of meeting all the vampires with intent to learn and be heard of own personal quest, but others learned of it and found it interesting and I connected with Madeye’s Grimoire and started reporting for him. ladywulfe: If you do not want your interview publicised, please just say so and I will keep it to myself smiles damari: sips her Coffee and nods once Yes, I’m aware of this. ladywulfe: adjusts herself in her seat * Okies then, just to clear the air *smiles damari: You may or may not use what you hear here at your discretion… ladywulfe: ok, duly noted ladywulfe: sips her coffee and smiles ok then I shall begin damari_here1: tucks her legs up on her chair and nods again, this time smiling Indeed. Let us begin. ladywulfe: So, Damari..what or who brought you to the city? damari: sips her coffee, taking the time to think about that one I was human one day, on the way to the mall, and then I was bitten. That’s what I get for trying to catch the late night shopping sales at Macy’s. In due course and because as a Vampire you tend to seek out your own kind. I came here to this city. damari: Where I have stayed, good or bad. Ever since ladywulfe: Lady’s eye lit up Wonderful! It’s always amazing how it is that we all became.. ladywulfe: So now, how long have you been in in the city? damari: No time at all really, it seem like forever. What with the drama that seems abound in this city. But officially I’ve been floating around doing my thing for about 2ish years now. Maybe longer, I can’t remember and haven’t kept track really ladywulfe: That’s interesting……that’s still a good bit of time for the city ways we have. Who was the first vampire you met in the city and how did they influence you? damari: smiling softly and a little sadly Damari looks Ladywulfe That would be LordWanderingfool. He found me, he pulled my lazy ass off the streets since I was pretty much roaming around doing as I pleased and he gave me purpose. He brought me to my clan home the Ferrymen where I met Lucius for the first time. And then he became my leader when Lucius stepped down. It was…. a good thing to find purpose. But I also miss the innocent bloody life of kill, steal and shop of the old days. I am loyal to the bone. The Ferrymen has been, will be my home. And Lord Wanderingfool helped me find that home I miss him. Pain in the ass he could be, in his way. But I still miss him. ladywulfe: I understand….That’s pretty honorable Damari. Ladywulfe nodded in agreeance It’s wonderful to be so dedicated your clan, as there are many who are not. And I take it that Lord Wanderingfool is no longer in the city? damari: Damari frowns He has…. ‘changed’. The Lord Wanderingfool I knew then is not the one who roams the city now. The face is the same, but the soul has been….. warped. ladywulfe: Frowning how sad for you.. I’m sorry damari: nods quietly Me too.. ladywulfe: Refering to your clan, I wondered what wars have you been in , if any damari: thinking about the question she grins Define War? Yes. I probably have. I was in my lazy stages during the big stuff in this city. But in my corridor days there were little skirmishes where I could zip in and throw my first holy water. And there was that thing with COB/DA. That was fun. Especially the live stuff. Battle and war can be VERY invigorating smiles Ohhh hold on! ladywulfe: I agree. I have assisted in a few zeros and I have to say its high on my list of fun things to do laughing damari: As my time with The Church of Blood I also attacked my own clan and participated in their battle too. You know, life of a spy. That was a little surreal. To Holy Water those I loved and called family. But you know what. It was what spies do. grin I’d do it again. But at the time I did feel a little weirded out by it. ladywulfe: Sad truths of love and war I am afraid. First time I used a weapon it was against someone I had loved. Ladywulfe ponders that briefly So in your unlife, when you did war, who are some famous vampires you helped zero or zeroed yourself? damari: Uni - but she didn’t stay dead. There was some claptrap about honour or what not. So we dubbed her the walking corpse. Which of course could be said of all of us, but hers was a special sort of corpse. There was a couple when I was in the Corridor. scrunches up face I can’t remember their names. shakes head Quite frankly, I haven’t been a warrior long. I graduated from the Corridor and was sent to spy in the COB to which I spent the whole time as a Minion. I’ve spent more time as a student. We will see what the future holds. grins
ladywulfe: Would the Uni you refer to be UnicornDream? damari_here1: nods once and sips her coffee ladywulfe: Thank you, I thought as much. smiles So now, during these times of war, have you ever been zeroed? damari_here1: grins and nods Yes, once. Moirai slit my throat, apparently he believed I needed to be shut up. I talk a lot you understand. But I found love in The Dreaming and Shadowlands. I can’t complain at all. Look what death gave me. Eternal life, and then the man to share it with. Not such a bad deal. ladywulfe: nods in agreeance No not at all. Being with your love for all of eternity is staggeringly romantic sighs ladywulfe: So, now admittedly, I already know this answergiggles I had attended your after binding party, but others may not..Are you bound? ladywulfe69: damari: smiles at Ladywulfe and winks Thank you for coming to the Reception. And yes. Bound to Lucius ladywulfe: smiling proudly* I was honored Damari. ladywulfe: Now to kill my curiosity, have you had any other lovers then Lucius? damari: No. Never felt even the slightest urge to join my life with another until he came along. I know quality when I see it. wink ladywulfe: Ladywulfe smiles genuinely at Damari* Aww how sweet! How lucky for you to have found love and shared it with only one. Not many can boast that. winks ladywulfe69: Knowing as many vampires in the city, who do you look up to most, if I may ask? damari: Me? bats her eyelashes innocently ladywulfe: laughs at Damari’s wit damari: laughs quickly and spontaneously None and all. Each Pire I have met have something of worth to add. I look up to those who have garnered my respect. There are those on both side of the lines of war. But no one specific pire other than my husband who I will always turn to for advice. ladywulfe: Well Lucius is very wise and respected and certainly one to look up to. Now knowing that, who exactly don’t you care for?? damari: bites lip and nods softly Ophelia annoys me and doesn’t annoy me in equal measure. She has an agenda and she’s got a chip on her shoulder a mile wide. thinks some more I also don’t particularly like Moirai. But at least he’s straight forward and stuff. I mean, that’s a change from the norm. wiggles her eyebrows and continues I also have a hard time with Doomhammer. I mean, I don’t hate him. But sometimes what comes out of his mouth makes my eyes rolls. But the same could be said of me in certain circles so I do have a little empathy for him. Ohhh and Spookie. laughs We used to be friends but what bothers me the most is how quickly we’re not friends any longer. How that seems to fade like the quickly falling sands of the hour glass. Poof. Gone. gives a cheesy grin Okay, I’m done ladywulfe: That’s quite a list, but knowing the city, not as long as what could be, right? giggles damari: nods You live with it and move on ladywulfe: After talking about all the warring, and vampires you like and dislike, who do you feel is one of the bravest warriors you’ve encountered? damari: Me! coughs and tries not to choke on her coffee Ummm okay, seriously though…Lucius. I think people have underestimated him. Will always underestimate him because they refuse to see him any more than a mouthpiece. But he’s got some serious smarts and is a wily opponent. And bravery isn’t solely about rushing in there and hitting everyone and their dog with Holy Water. But it’s about going up against the odds. Thinking about it strategically. And that is what Lucius excels at. He’s a whizz about detail. And steps up to the plate. nods No matter the propaganda of those who say he doesn’t. Jealousy. nods and gives impish grin But I’m biased you know.. Ohh AdaMaS impressed me on the last round too. At least he gave his last hurrah a good college try. Even if he did don that bloody smurf coat. But he wasn’t so much brave as kamikaze… smiles ladywulfe: Well we have established who is a worthy warrior, how about who is a unworthy vampire, or considered to be among the most cowardly? damari: Those who wear pink but insist on claiming to rule the world. I see the inherent cowardice in that call to arms. They’re neutral.. shakes head I don’t have anything personal against them, I just see the hypocrisy of the stance

ladywulfe: I agree. Being pink is very cowardly, especially when you do hide behind it and throw slurs at vampires who aren’t and then wont back up what you say. ladywulfe huffs discontentedly In your time in the city, whats the worst thing you have ever seen a vampire do to cause their own ruining? damari: looks at her coffee cup I’m empty. Let me zip to the espresso machine I’ll be right back…. and I’ll answer that question… ladywulfe: Not a problem, I need to change tapes in my digital recorder anyways. damari: sits back down with her fresh cup of coffee ladywulfe: There you are * smiles* welcome back! damari: I’m going to answer your question with an observation. Not a name. ladywulfe: ok that’s fine… however you wish damari: It’s my observation that those who speak out. Who give voice to their dissatisfaction of the actions of others tend to be targeted. Alot. Why? I don’t know. But that’s my observation. That freedom of speech is allowed, but more often than not, treated with a little toss of Holy Water. ladywulfe: I would have to agree. Some should learn from others encounters and speak when its right ..not just because they need to heave their thoughts off their chests ladywulfe: Now as I am getting to know you, what are you best known for? damari: Being the Lady Spy inside the CoB. ladywulfe: ahhh yess…..indeed so. damari: Ooohhh probably also being the one who brought Lucius back from the grave. For love. grins (that’s probably the biggie right there) ladywulfe: lady bats her eyes cutely and romantic you both are…. grins What happens if a vampire wanted to find you ..say to chat.. where could they find you the easiest damari: Within the RavenBlackCity Hall, I’m there quite a bit. I don’t give out my private number. After I have talked to people I will in turn give out something a little more direct. If any are curious about me, they can find me there. ladywulfe69: OH well I am not asking for anything so personal… just a few arrows pointing to you grins ladywulfe: So we all have sort of a creed we follow in a sense, Something that propels us you have a creed to live by, or a motto? damari: To love and to be Loved in Return ladywulfe: Lovely! That’s simple and sweet and is there anything you would like to tell about yourself that I haven’t asked you, and you feel e all should know? damari: laughs Be kind to me, or treat me mean, I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine grins and stops singing I am what I am. ladywulfe: smiles and laughs lightly I like that! damari: whispers Fiona Apple…. It’s a goooooooooood song ladywulfe: OOOooOOOOoo I will have to look that one up! eyes twinkle Well I have to say Damari I had a lovely time talking with you, you were quite the interesting subject. Thank you for your time and I will be sure to let you know when I am reporting this to the Grimoire. It was a great pleasure smiles Damari nodded and smiled, her eyes glittering with good humor. She extends her hand and and shakes Ladywulfes hand, “Sure! Thank you too Ladywulfe It was nice to have met you”.



Hey Damari!

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I found myself nodding in agreeance quite a bit. :) Very nice interview. applauding


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