First Blood: Ophelia is Zeroed

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In a stunning reversal of fortunes, the Princess of Pain and Grimoire favourite, Psychophelia, was dramatically zeroed today with her husband, the angelic snowflake NiFlhEiM. This is the first time that the former Shadow Court Chancellor has been reduced to zero in her long and illustrious time in the city. The final blow was struck by Vermathrax Rex. Her body has been collected her family for safekeeping during her torpor.

It is clear that the Church of Blood in their current incarnation are a shadow of their former selves and clearly less of an effective fighting force than Ophelia’s previous outfit, the Shadow Court. Although you can never write of the Church, they appear to be losing out to a well armed and highly motivated Sanctuary for Immortal Enlightenment, who are fighting their first major engagement.



I have a doubt about the fact it’s the first time that ophelia is zeroed. Maybe good to ask her.


waves at Corinne

Umm..this is so not in character cause you (O) is sleeping..over there points with the Angelic Snowflake and I dont want to get in trouble for ‘not resting’ Sooo..anyhow…

Thanks,Corinne for wanting to make sure the facts are right, I really do appreciate that. This IS the first time that ophelia has been 0’d, though one or two have given it a good show, and a few more a less than thrilling attempt :P

Anyhow, thanks again Corinne!


It goes without saying we always check our facts. Ain’t that right, Archie?


That’s why i said “i have a doubt”. I was remembering about an attack BH vs Cap Clan and had a doubt about ophelia zeroed by BH. Yes it is sooo long time ago (2003) - call that old age and senility.


the Princess of Pain says what?