To kill or be killed

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It has been supported, argued, mocked and upheld in the public halls of this fair city. And it was the cause of recent tension between the Gyllenstierna Family and three prominent clans of the city. To die or not to die at the hands of the ones out of strip you of every bit of blood you hold within your body.

The Highlights of recent events: Valorian is being killed by Capadocious, House of Heorot and The Ferrymen ophelia zips in at the last minute and kills her instead, thus stealing the kill Capadocious completely loses it and decides to kill ophelia And does The Gyllenstierna’s take up arms at what they believe was a dishonourable killing of their loved family member The three clans keep killing The Gyllenstierna’s keep dying Capadocians as well Capadocious realizes the error of his initial stroppy fit, apologizes and attacks cease The fighting ceases The End

But it remains that despite all the deaths, mayhem and holy water splattered streets. The issue was never resolved, and answer was never found. The Gyllenstierna Family stood up for their own and showed the city that they better watch this family and their familial infiltration of clans. The Capadocians, House of Heorot and The Ferrymen put on notice any who would purposely get in the way of their clan politics.

At the end of night, all this turned out to be was blood soaked killings with no clear reason or purpose, for either side. How disappointing.



Let’s not forget the veiled references to …“Gyllenstierna Family stood up for their own and showed the city that they better watch this family and their familial infiltration of clans”

Let’s hear it for unbiased reporting eh. There were many more that wanted to participate in said battle and did not do so as clan obligations come first, and they have ALWAYS come first within the Gyllenstierna family. But we’re infiltrating clans now? Fascinating..truely fascinating. And the writer of this artical has verifiable proof that is our nefarious intentions…to infiltrate clans with our bloodline. Please….has someone been smoking the conspiracy theory pipe lately?

At the end of night, all this turned out to be was blood soaked killings with no clear reason or purpose, for either side. How disappointing.<

There was a purpose for my actions, which I have stated clearly repeatedly. I was asked a favor of one that had done many things for me in the past, and I honored the request. I was jumped by three..which turned into four clans later. My family, though I expressed I did not wish to see anyone loose blood because of me, chose to stand up and fight back. They had a reason. Capadocious merely decided that was a good starting point to finally try his hand at doing some kind of actual killing. Pity he had to ask his allies for assistance before he did so. But then, some of them were more than eager for the opportunity to toss a holy water in my direction. At least I am honest enough in my intentions that I can state clearly and with a clear conscience why I may or may not want someone dead.

If one needs more reasons than that then one might want to evaluate if they are a vampire or a spineless coward in a cape with strap on fangs. Get a backbone and be true to your nature and not some gaping whining group that wants a reason for everything…or get back.

As for choosing to go at the hands of your own rather than the hands of the enemy…it is an honor for that to happen. And if the enemy does not like it…all I can say is move faster.

Point in fact, one should gather ALL facts from all corners when possible before making a report such as the one above currently labeled “news” when it is more of an opinionated Editorial instead. Though the writing is sound, it is skewed and out of context in its presentation.


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Are “blood-soaked killings with no clear reason or purpose” ever disappointing? :D Not ever!

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I agree with ophelia, she makes valid points, in the end, this is a biased report no matter how one looks at it.

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Sings from AC/DC “If you want Blood, YOU GOT IT!” Aries Ehemann für immer zu Jersey




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Only a couple of Caps you say hmmm? That’s hardly the tally I recall, and I was there killing them- I only stopped counting at 12- and I know there were more. Not only that~ We took down more of them than they did of us! We as a family had not even planned for such blood-taking as that is a thing clans typically do, but we proved that a bloodline can be as strong as 4 clans!

So, therefore, we did MORE than merely prove we are a bloodline not to be reckoned with smile

Carpathia Valentis Amator The Toxic Muse

’ An Edit Note: when I originally wrote this comment, this report stated verbatim: “And a couple of Caps as well”

tilts and scratches head, making note the report has also been edited


Interesting. So, rather than retractions, we can expect flat out edits and disappearing sentences? Dont ya love the… we call it an unbiased newspaper type thing anymore?


nemesis_wings af Gyllenstierna

Mirren ghostlady

It is good to see that some folk still hold family dear to them and stand by in times of bad as well as good, that each members life is holy to thier kindred…..and that selflessness and selfishness has no power over thier unsouls.

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If you think you can write it better, then do it. Doesn’t matter, you won’t be able to and be unbiased. You have bias simply being involved – so do most who have bitched over it.

So unless you’re coming up with the world’s first unbiased news report – you can’t be one to talk.