Vampire Auction - SOLD to the Highest Bidder

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It is that time of the year again, when Vampires from all walks of unlife come to one place and sell themselves on the block to the highest bidder. Now, it’s supposed to be a crap shot who is the winner of each ‘Pire for Sale’, but as it happens in most things like this there is a lot of behind the scene shenanigans and maneuverings for those who ‘want’ a certain vampire. Whispers could be heard from one end of the city to the other concerning ‘who wanted to buy who’ and for what nefarious purpose.

In the weeks leading up to the event, little announcements of “Coming To An Auction Block Near You’ variety could be seen dotted all over the public halls of this dark city. Now the night has come and past and all of the little Auctionees have been bought and while the money has yet to pass hands on all of these live purchases, the Masters have been noted and contact made.

It has also come to the attention of this paper that one lucky Auctionee is being “Rented Out”. So, here we are, doing our bit for this sold soul.

vinsent_ulf could be found hawking his new wares in the RavenBlack City Halls, leading his new slave in with a rather attractive collar around his neck. So for all of those of our dear readers who would like to have Murrz Ramirez as their own little slave for rent from his Master here is the announcement.

I will be renting my slave out to anyone whom wishes time with him. It will be an hourly rate, or a per action rate. the prices will be discussed with me beforehand. And my slave is not to preform in any actions in this city without my knowledge. clears his throat And certian restrictions which were agreed upon before the auction will be upheld. Ie I believe no sexual favors.*

CAPITOL DAEIOUEAUAI Owner of Murrz for a week</strong>

So there it is. It is this writer’s belief that this will not be the last appearance of a the newly enslaved within the public halls of this City. Ahhh another pleasantly decadent night in the life of Vampires.