A Duel - Or is It?

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It seems that we have yet another duel in the offing. This time the lucky contestants are Jimmher the legendary lothario and Vinsent_ulf who was seen recently hawking his new slave Murrz.

This more than public challenge was made in such a venue that it can not be rescinded without a serious loss of face even if the challenger were at all inclined to do so.

Vinsent_wulf’s voice was captured on tape saying the following in a very public hall;

Jimmher I formaly challenge you to a duel to the death. Now if you are a proud warrior of the WOE Im quite sure someone with their Reputation would not back down now will they. For sure that will Look quite…..bad on your part to be challanged..And simply back Down. Im done with insults. Because all that does is cause Numerous People to sit here and voice there minds.

Now it is as of yet unclear whether said challenge was formally accepted by lothario Jimmher, but this writer will be sure to keep abreast of the situation and report back this ongoing vampiric drama.

We can only hope that the conclusion of this particular duel is of a more satisfactory nature than the last one reported by this paper. Will there be death afoot in this dark city? We can only hope.



Fluffy and Jimmher are to duel. Jimmher accepted Fluffies proposal in RBC.

Indigoddess Wife Eternal Love of Jimmhers ~WoE