Humans, The New Black

1 minute read

It is the newest trend, haven’t you heard? It’s the new thing on the block, the new groove for those in the know. Look around you vampires of RavenBlack City, can’t you see?

Humans are the new black.

Gone are the nights when it was ‘the thing’ to sire an elder vampire to your family line. Now, it’s all the rage to find a human. To go out and actively look for one, study it, play with it, kill it turn it and make it yours. A little baby vampire for those of us undead, to nurture and shape, to teach and to mold.

You only have to look around at the rash ‘human’ sirings to see that this trend is fast approaching an epidemic. Just the other night Chiru of Black-Wolf fame was seen roaming the dark lit streets of an alleyway well known as home to those humans who wish, nay SEEK the dark bite of unlife.

Already nemesis_wings and Sheyrena have sired such humans and it’s our prediction at the Grimoire that this most certainly will not be the last. Now while we don’t normally drop names it was whispered that Lady Spy Damari and Money Majica were in fact stalking one particular male human ‘together’, and MavericksChild the revered Gyllenstierna was also seen on the same streets with yet another eager human.

It is beyond a doubt, if not an epidemic then at least a viral infection that may just run it’s course. Or, as this paper is prone to believe, may well just infect the whole city.

So what are you waiting for? Go find yourself a human and make it yours. Humans, are the new black.