No Duel - What A Surprise

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It seems as if there is not going to be a duel this night or any night between vinsent_wulf and lothario Jimmher. This assumption is made from the rather public apology Jimmher just issued in the halls of RavenBlack City. He was heard to say if any of fluffy’s friends or family took offense to the things he said to fluffy, he would like them all to know, there was no intention of malice towards any of them, and for the misunderstanding, he would like to apologize.

It was a pretty apology, made we believe, with the utmost sincerity. It was thankfully, accepted as such by the esteemed Mercedes of LosD. We can only assume the power of fluffy and her family to be such that we will in the future be watching the progression of fluffy very closely. Could fluffy be the next city leader of Ravenblack to move a vampire of such esteem as lothario Jimmher to apologize? Only time will tell.

It seems though, that this city is suffering from an advanced affliction of premature a-duel-calation and while amusing to watch, it is becoming quite common place to see faces being slapped with the proverbial glove of dueling fame only to have our hopes of imminent death be squashed with an apology or worse yet one of the party falling into shadows.

It does make one want to give evilive and Lucius an award for actually going through with their duel and having enough gumption to be willing to and actually dying for their particular cause.



Excuse me I have not said a word to date to this paper regarding the duel until now…NOW FOR the record I made no such apology to fluffy, my words were ment for his FAMILY only not him. I would suggest this paper get it’s fact’s straight..all due respect. the duel is set nothing is goin to change that


And I will let you know what he said is true. He has not apologised to me just as i have yet to apologise to him. and this duel is very much going to happen.