Female Auction Results

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Well, the results are in for the Female RavenBlack Auction and it seems yet again that the females didn’t rake in near as much on the bidders block as the men did. The highest sold female being little known Arie who was bought by Kerzhan for a whopping 360K.

Followed closely by Fatesgaze who took in a none too shabby 315K.

Now, a parallel can’t help but be made between the two. How is it that a male can go for one million in gold and a female can’t even reach half that much? What is wrong with this statistic? Are we alright with this fact?

It would seem that the denizens within this dark city have no problems with this and that this is widely accepted as the norm and that the female’s of this city, by virtue of how much we’re willing to pay for them, aren’t as valuable to us as the males.

Where were the million dollar bidders here? Apparently, they are all enjoying the wiles of the male counterparts and were too busy to attend the female auction.

Maybe next time. Then again, as far as trends go. Probably not.

We at the Grimoire would like to commend Mina The Mistress of Ceremonies for organizing yet another successful auction. This event has always drawn a big crowd and eager participants and is one of the few events the whole city looks forward to. I know we here eagerly await the next auction with titillated expectation for who is going to be sold to the highest bidder.



it has much to do with the female population being far greater than the male population.


The thing economists would call supply and demand. :P



Since the post about the Female Slave auction results will not let me comment, here is some thoughts on the paper saying that males do not put out as much coin in the auction…

First, considering both Million coin vamps have been sold to Morgana, I would not consider this the norm but an anomaly so for my research on this years totals I did not include Morgy buying Deth_fog for 1,001,000 coins.

Looking past this here are some numbers to consider.

54 slaves were sold. 21 males, and 33 Females. Not counting 2 (The Million Dollar baby and the one bought by Proxy for sex can not be determined) the numbers go as so …

Males bought 23 slaves. for a total of 2,790,000 coins. An average of 121,304.34 coins.

Females bought 29 Slaves for a total of 2,945,000 coins. For an average of 101,551.72 coins. (If you include Morgana’s purchase the average jumps up around 20000 coins)

Males paid on average a little 20k more per average per slave.

There were 20 male slaves. (Not counting Deth_fog, again no offense, but in research sometimes you got to kick out the freak numbers) and 33 female slaves.

Males were bought for a total of 2,348,000 coins, an average 117,400 coins.

Females were bought for a total of 4,090,000 coins, an average of 123,939.39 coins. So not only was there 13 more females they still managed a higher average. ________________________

The top 22 (due to tie) (again not counting Deth_fog) Of the top 22 coin earning slaves. 5 were male, 17 female. Of the top 22, 13 were bought by guys, 9 female. That one is about right.

Here is were it gets screwy …

Of the Bottom 20 coin earning slaves,(Due to a tie at twentieth, Not counting the slave listed as bought by proxy) 12 were male, and 8 female. the buyers were 12 females and 8 males.

Of the bottom eleven (Due to tie at tenth) 8 were male, and 3 female…yet there was remember 21 male and 33 females….7 of the bottom 11 buyers were female while only 4 males.

So it the conclusion of the numbers…that why there is larger number of females who go for sale and buy, of the men who do contribute they do much more in general… and get less in return.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Dilectus, scientist of the city.


That was a most excellent breakdown of this Auction’s results.

Unfortunately, by leaving out that one auctionee, you have totally compromised the results of your experiment. I did enjoy reading the results though and they are indeed, very interesting.

I would hazard to tell you that the focus of the article was not highlighting how much each sex paid. But now much WE as a city were willing to pay for each sex.

Females sadly coming up on the short end when you compare how much was paid for the top two of each Auction:

Fact: Deth went for 1,001,000 gold Rodargo went for 625,000 gold

Fact: Arie went for 360,000 gold Fatesgaze went for 315,000 gold

Comparably. The men, by virtue of their sex, took in over 100% more than their female counterparts.

Now, I’m prone to lean towards what CBK stated. It is indeed a market needs situation. But 100% more? That’s a steep market decrease in value. A VERY steep market decrease.


While it is true that demand caused the numbers to be off please look at the fact that many men said they would be there, taking a space on the list and did not show whereas nearly ever female showed save 2.

Come next auction I will have a shorter space and believe we could also shorten the time between auctions. There is a lot of work that goes into preparation, collecting, and the lottery. It takes on average 2 months, per 1 auction’

I thank each of you, for the out come. I know the Auction could not be the success it is without the love and attention from the public of RavenBlack City.

Lord BubbleKnight

…being more females than males, they are more willing to buy males than males to buy females. Also it can be because females in the city are more inclined to RP than males, so females have probably better ideas -and are willing to invest more- than males for their week of slavery.

That’s also female candidates to slave do many more things to show off than males, probably.

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Maybe it’s just because us men are tighter with our money. Or perhaps value a nice selection of shiny weapons more than a temporary plaything ;)

Jean DeVenn The Ferrymen