The Shadow Court Is Dead

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The Shadow Court is dead. Gone. Kaput. Nada. No more.

It has had an illustrious history for sure. From its very beginnings during the historical mutiny on the bounty from Clan Capadocious. Where Heimdag, Lucius and Vampire B, led the exodus from Capadocious, to now, on the very cusp of its death. It is at the end of its reign. It has been, and will be remembered as one of the strong powers of this dark city.

It is with regret that the Shadow Court closes their doors on a long and rich history. Regret for those that once called this great clan their home. Regret for those that used to take great pleasure in killing those within this clan and using their motives as fodder for the butt of their jokes. All the way round the city has lost a great part of it’s vigor for the loss. But the city bore the fall of The Towers, which are being rebuilt. The city bore the fall of The Church of Blood with equanimity. The city will deal with this change too.

The Shadow Court is gone, the last two Chancellors Em and CHASS no longer sit at the head of a clan. The Seven Keys of Power have been given to their keepers and those that once called themselves loyal members of the Court are now free to choose a new path in their unlife. It will be interesting to see where they go. It is with serious doubt that we will see any go by way of Capadocious, or Heorot maybe The Inner Circle but we would lay bets that many will be carrying the hard to pronounce Nom De Clan; Yggdrasil after too long.

There are mixed feelings in the city about The Shadow Court disbanding. From those who believe the clan gave up the ghost and just didn’t have what it took to make it for the long haul. To others who believe it was just ‘the time’ for The Shadow Court to move over and make way for the future. Jean DeVenn of The Ferrymen was heard giving his respects to the clan he began in, and although lines of war pitched him the enemy of the dark Court he still stood up to wish those left a respectful good luck. The same, unfortunately, could not be said of AQelDroma who was not at all impressed in what she said was ‘‘A spin–and a hypocritical one–from the ex-SC. Who quit, because they were afraid they could not live up to their boasts of remaining undefeated’’

Did they really close and lock the doors because it ‘was time’ as many of the ex-Shadow Courters are now saying. Or are some assumptions that they closed things up because they didn’t want to die out like The Church of Blood; completely decimated before calling it quits, the leading factor?

The truth of the matter is. We’ll never know. Because you can be sure than none loyal to the memory of the Shadow Court would ever tell. And those not friendly with the Shadow Court will never believe.

In the end, it is all assumption. And the only fact is that The Shadow Court has closed its doors. The lights are turned out, quiet now are the halls that once teemed with light, laughter, death and vigor of a clan.

The Shadow Court is no more. The End.

Or is it?