Delivery Boy Targeted

1 minute read

It seems that being ones messenger is not as lucrative a business as Grex4d had first hoped. It seemed that Damari a supposed leader in the The Ferrymen, vociferously objected to her own clan member delivering forty boxes of Viagra to her doorstep. Which could have something to do with the fact the delivery was made at the request of her long time nemesis, spookie.

One would think she would have found her own funny bone and laughed it off with everyone else. But alas she found absolutely nothing hilarious about the episode and proceeded to have a very public and long winded tantrum about it. We think maybe they should have delivered a couple tanks of giggle gas from a dentist instead to lighten her up.

It seems that Grex4d now has a big X painted on his rear end and his own clan are now, questioning his loyalty and attacking him with help from allies.

There are a couple lessons to be learnt here. Although for each side of this debate there would be arguments about which lesson would be the best one to come away with. So we here at the Grimoire will list two we think are relevant to the situation;

  • Viagra doesn’t always put a grin on a mans face
  • The messenger is always shot

It seems Grex4d is the unlucky messenger and he’s in the throes of being shot. We just wonder. How long it will take him to die? And how will his wife, the esteemed Annabelle, Lady In White, Member of the Inner Council of The Ferrymen is dealing with this turn of events.