The Messenger Was Shot - Dead

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Well, it’s over. It was an anti-climatic end really. Grex4d has been relieved of every drop of his blood and by all accounts it was his own determination to bring an end to the debacle which had resulted from his most unfortunate delivery.

He had decided to move himself out of the protective circle of his many friends and family that surrounded him. He bravely chose instead to make a stand against the powers of his former clan that vowed to bring about his death. Standing and fighting Ferrian one on one before many in The Ferrymen joined the fray.

It was however his own tightly woven network of loyal friends and loved ones that were to strike the blows that would bring him to his death. In what has been reported before as the new trend to bring those that love you in to finish the job, it happened much the same here for Grex4d. His sister Carpathia taking the last loving death blow and transporting the body away.

Many mourn this death, the support rallied behind this apparently unjustly accused carrier pigeon. It was support strong enough to choke the streets of this fair city for many days. It was an event strong enough to shake up an elder clan of this city.

In the end though. He died, just as The Ferrymen had wished. The Ferrymen still stand, even if it seems the city is still waiting to see how steady the footing of this clan is now that this drama has past.

In passing, it will be curious to see what Grex4d and his loving wife Annabelle will do now. Will love triumph here where nothing else has? In time torpor will revive this warrior back into unlife. We here at The Grimoire believe this was a fitting end to a dramatic episode which rivaled many a Shakespearian Tragedy.