All Hail God Ravenblack

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God Ravenblack has spoken and with Almighty judgment he has taken his holy hand of omnipotent power and he has struck down the infidels with his awesome might. Clan Capadocious has felt this power reverberate through their halls and if none of you undead out there believe in God. Then I suggest you think again before you sin against the holy laws writ upon the very foundations of this city.

This God is not asleep to the cries of its citizens and he will, with impunity, strike down the transgressors with the ease so associated with celestial beings.

It is a lesson best learned through error, for only then will those who sin against these imbedded laws will learn. God Ravenblack, sees all, knows all, and has the power to kick your ass if you piss him off.

Remember that.



What crimes, what punishment? Nothing on Dark Alleyway news. Talk about useless reporting.