Addendum: Capadocians Innocent

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It seems in the ever evolving drama of this city that Clan Capadocious was the victim here. Yes, it too shocks us that this clan, a favourite for hurled abuse and a plethora of other slurs against its nature was not in fact the ones behind the recent omnipotent destruction reigned down by the most powerful God Ravenblack.

It seems that an attempt was made but failed to most heinously frame Clan Capadocious for this unholy deed against the laws of this city. Does the perfidy of this city know no bounds?

Is there nothing sacred amoung us that we do not abuse any and all in the effort to win? I say no. By the looks of things, the credo ‘Alls Fair in Love and War’ has wedged itself firmly within the lifeblood of this city.

Clan Capadocious was shaken, but not it seems by the judgment of the all knowing God Ravenblack, but more by their peers in unlife. Prematurely we might add. We would hazard that if it weren’t for the fact the omnipotent God Ravenblack had already slaughtered the offenders they might well take delight in doing it themselves. More than once.

Yesterdays news is today’s kitty litter lining.



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