Bitter Pill of Truce

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The Truce was finalized today in a fashion that leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of not only Clan Seraphim but about every other clan wholly unconnected with this incident.

Clan Seraphim will pay to Capadocious 100,000 in gold coins for the necromancer, replacing the blood they stole from the leader. It also seems that Capadocious is still riding the wave in which he sees himself as Prince of this city and in that theme had seemingly required the apology to have an acknowledgement of such inside it.

In fact, even this reporter is feeling a tad nauseous at the whole apology. It brought to mind a whipped dog showing its belly to a froth mouthed bigger canine. Yes, the war was well fought and much like the human Germany and the Treaty of Versailles it was asked to swallow, so too has Clan Seraphim been asked to swallow a bitter pill this night.

They have saved the rest of the clan from being summarily slaughtered but at what cost and was the cost too high? The clan is bleeding and so too has its pride been given a body shot.

Needless to say, there are many a good warrior still sitting within the walls of the defeated Seraphim and as sure as the clock ticks the minutes and hours of torpor they will rise again and bring about the rebuilding of the clan and bolstering of its members. A defeat is merely a step in a road of any clan’s history. This is Seraphim’s turn to feel the bite of it. Just as it is the turn of Capadocious, Heorotians and Ferrymen to feel the invigoration of success.

The next war may well sing a different tune and upon these streets no future is clear and no road a certainty. What is sure is that we here at The Grimoire will be there to give you the news, as it happens.



Defeat is one thing; to surrender is quite another. A true warrior fights his or her battles to the very end, takes a defeat and the resulting torpor honourable, and rises to fight again with pride.

The noble end does not include surrendering to the enemy, abdicating, and paying for the necromancer. Seraphim sacrificed it’s pride, it’s allies, and it’s reputation, and for what? An end to the fighting? It’s actions mock the fallen who fought bravely for their cause. Torpor is temporary and blood can be replaced. Your pride and reputation - those do not return so easily.

Jada Empty Spiral Forever Marco’s


Bitter indeed. It’s a good thing I have no want of ever having clan leadership of any sort; I would rather die for my beliefs with my head high than cower for my blood to remain unspilled.


I agree wholeheartedly with you, Jada. Just as the City will not forget your heart in taking the final blows with your head high, neither will it forget when you bow your head submissively and beg an end. And you are quite right; were I one of their fallen, I would be incensed at the uselessness of my sacrifice. I have recently been glad to have taken my leave of Seraphim when I did, just before the war broke out (I was upset to have missed the fighting). Now my gladness stems not from having missed the chance to battle, but from the knowledge that my death would have been in vain. I would have been ashamed of my clan; not a thing one should ever feel.


that’s um….only 4,000 BP. wow. (broke out the calculator, lol)

Mirren ghostlady

If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good.

Mirren ghostlady Matriarch of Die Nachthexen Nara’s


As much as I enjoyed being in Seraphim, each passing day makes me even more glad that I left it when I did; it is not in me to surrender, and paying my enemy to recover turns my stomach. The whole situation makes me want to vomit…


Speaking as one who was on the other side to Seraphim in this recent war, I am saddened by the bitterness and hostility being shown to Seraphim.

They fought honourably, and hard. If all our wars were fought in such spirit, without the endless mind games that accompany so many, it would make battle the pleasurable experience it should be.

Seraphim recognised that the odds were too great for them, and decided to end it rather than wasting more blood pointlessly, and rather than letting the war descend into animosity. I applaud their sense in preserving the unlives on both sides which otherwise would have been lost. Sure, they surrendered, but my opinion of them has risen as a result of their actions in this war. Thus, to my mind, their losses were not in vain.

Jean DeVenn The Ferrymen


And while I appreciate those wise words, I still do not feel the clan made a wise decision. Again, it is merely my opinion and I feel no hostility toward Seraphim…I simply disagree and see their reputation as being tarnished. Those who fought did fight hard and with honour. There is no argument there. However, one cannot end a war on one’s knees, groveling at the feet of the enemy, and expect to stand quite as tall the next time.

Jada Empty Spiral Forever Marco’s