Nurse Gets Spooked

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In a stunning turn of events ~not~… Yet another squirmish between the Lokason/af Gyllenstierna/de Furie family and the Capadocians. This time it is a personal matter that was indelicately made public by the Cap Clan’s very own NurseVampire.

NurseVampire had the temerity to make the matter a bit of a public one by denouncing spookie in the RavenBlackCity Halls and quite inevitably making everyone run for the hills holding their ears and praying this would not turn into another annoyingly repetitive “Archangel” incident.

Narcisssa, Lesion and further “family and friends” of spookie have valiantly been standing beside her in hopes her head doesn’t explode and in an attempt to silence the droning nonsense from the consistently poorly spoken NurseVampire. Even Hesu, couldn’t bear the poorly stated tripe that was spewing from NurseVampires lips in the halls and spoke her mind.

Neither side had much more information to offer beyond the usual “he said she said” and it appears that Capadocious himself has risen from the depths of death in order to drag the awkwardly and ineffectively defiant NurseVampire from the RBC Hall before she had absolutely destroyed any shred of respect left due to the Capadocians.

Many reports of “Where does spookie find these vampires to argue with?” Could be heard across the city. While across town, further reports indicate that ophelia has now spoken to Cap privately and the issue is being handled between them from this point on.

The city breaths a sigh of relief, knowing they wont have to listen to the incessant whining and poorly worded insults of NurseVampire any longer… as well thanks the heavenly stars above, that this may dampen the usual over dramatic display of hysterics from spookie… well until the next time at the very least.

Just never a chance to “rest in peace” in RBC