Queen of the Heorotians Disgusted By Rude Bloody Display

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In a less than chilling and quite pathetic attempt at making a dramatic exit. The hardly known vampire Kasandra beheaded herself out back of the RBC Hall this evening with hardly any warning of the eminent attack.

In an even further “in vain” attempt to add to the drama, the recently zeroed but still walking and talking Spinner, dragged the bleeding corpse inside of the RBC hall, dumping the lifeless body at the feet of a group of ROR vampires that were happily enjoying a drink together.

Cries from across the room of, “She never saw it coming” “Oh the humanity” “Who the Hell IS that?” came from the crowded place. The fact that Kasandra had the nerve to waste so much precious blood in a city full of vampires was appalling enough, but that Spinner would then treat her friends corpse with such an air of utter disregard caused the room to gasp.

Vaelen, never one to miss a good opportunity, pulled out a pitcher, as he snickered to himself in delight, having a vertible free fountain of libations spewing his way. While Aqel, infamous Queen of the Heorotians, had an absolute fit at the the rudeness of such a feat, to dare just carelessly bleed their blood all over her newly cleaned wood floor.

The only vampiress in the entire crowd that seemed at all effected by the occurance, being disgusted by the over emoted display was so i did him, who slinked off momentarily, obviously needing to regroup, but managed to pull it all together settling into to some odd group hug ritual, that has never been seen before with in the evil halls.

In the end… it was a pretty uneventful night. Though it is said that Aqel can still be heard grumbling about her floor.



AQD owns the RBC? Halls?!? ~wonders then that happened~


…that the Vampire kasandra didn’t really die and has her head back, walking, talking, and flirting in the RB-A halls.