I Have Fallen and I Cant Get Up

1 minute read

Daemon the vampire had a horrible accident near the binding hall this evening. He slipped and fell on some rice left over from a wedding and accidentally HWd Fluffy. As he attempted to “right” himself, tragedy struck again and yet another of his Holy Waters was seen flying out of control and smacking Lisastrata.

On lookers suggested that he appeared “out of sorts” perhaps under a spell or having taken in some drug tainted blood. Others felt he appeared just clumsy and confused from the intial fall.

Needless to say, what might be the next victim that crosses his path of uncertainty? No one knows… but the Grimoire will keep their eyes open.

In a statement Fluffy declared “If he thinks my actions are so well known, to attack me in order to get a response, he is quite wrong. For I will give him no satisfaction of believing I’m stupid enough to be angered into helping him. As for his friends… thats quite a different story”

Apparently Fluffy believes this attack was an attempt by Daemon, to illicite a response and get himself zeroed, before leaving the city. This fact has not be corraborated by Daemon. Daemon claims “I just slipped and fell”