LadyP Takes the Zero

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Daemon, a notoriously troubled vampire, who was recently in the news when he slipped and fell “accidentally” hitting a few vampires with HW… was zeroed last night by LadyP, much to the chagrin of spookie. Apparently spookie had been holding the little bugger at about 200pints of blood, just to be able to continue her assaults on him without end.

Daemon became a Ferrymen target after he unceremoniously Holy Watered Cerridwen and then begged Hesu to kill him in response to attacking her niece. Hesu refused but mentioned the incident to her bloodline of course.

Daemon and Fluffy… a “battle of wits” so to speak, had been going at it for awhile. Daemon apparently, demanding payment for some of his thralls in order to stop hitting Fluffy and tgcsmith, had incited Fluffy to declare he would zero Daemon and all of his thralls and keep them there… though this apparently naver came to fruition.

Beyond harassing tgcsmith and Fluffy… Daemon had physically attacked a few Gyllies as well as mentally harangued ophelia in a public meeting where many were chatting. This course of events obviously didn’t go over well with the Gyllies, on top of Daemon hitting spookie and her childer and his endless verbal harrasment of them. Many of the clans that were hit or annoyed by Daemon, just ignored him, but apparently for some, it was just more then they could bare. The Ferrymen seeing him at about 200BPs, figured it was an easy kill in retaliation to his attack on Cerri.

In a statement made to the Grimoire, Rodargo said “After the zeroing, spookie came to Sartori and told him that she had wanted to keep that guy from being zero’d and under 200 BP’s so they can continuously keep him hit and unable to do anything. So she’s mad that LadyP ruined her plan..”



He was left and and being held at 20 bloodpints as of last night..not 200

I’d like to suggest that perhaps the Editor of the Grimoire go to ALL parties involved, or as many as possible, in order to get the most accurate information possible in the future.


ophelia Lokason af Gyllenstierna NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


You mean he HWd Cerridwen at 20BPs? Thats a trick indeed… he must have special powers.

Those same special powers must have thrown my ss off when he came to me (Hesu) and… it must have also confused Rodargo, who reported the same thing the next day.

You are just so stunning with your accuracy. Wanna become staff?


…let me rephrase my comment since it’s worded in a manner that is apparently difficult to understand, or misleading. If that is the case I will offer my apologies.

“He was taken to 20 bps last night and held there until said participants had to depart for other things.” Is that better? What DeathsKi…err..Daemon did after that is his business.

Care for the screen shot? I’m sure the participants would be happy to send it to you.

Perhaps it is my error in not EMAILING the correction to above statement directly to the it Hesu? Or the Editor…however..your attitude is completely unnecessary. It’s also a reminder of why, when I come here, I stick to the columns and what not rather than the ‘news’

Again..I would highly suggest the Editor try a bit harder in some areas to gather ALL of the facts from all participants, prior to publication, and not just from those they ‘like’. Either that or just start removing readers from this publication that you don’t like.

A bit of civility, even thinly veiled, on your part wouldn’t hurt either. Or at the very least professionalism. Kudo’s to the previous Editor that was at least polite and prior to departure did some fine writing here in many cases.


ophelia Lokason af Gyllenstierna NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


No where in this article does it state what BP level Daemon was at when LadyP zeored him. It only states what level he was at when he came to me (Hesu) and what Rodargo reported to me the following day. Your indepth and important information is dually noted. Any readers concerned by this pertinent detail are free to request this screen shot from ophelia in order to clarify anything they may be obsessed… I mean consumed… I mean concerned about.


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