ophelia and EvilBill?

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In a bizarre twist of fate… it appears that The Church of Blood aka CoB members. EvilBills former wife ophelia, and her newest companion NiFlhEiM, are involved in some sort of “fray”.

When it was first reported that NiFlhEiM had HWd EB, speculations were made that it was in response to EvilBills attack upon one TygerNight, a family member of the af Gyllenstierna. But this seemed an unlikely reason, being that the Ferrymen also attacked TygerNight, in turn inflicting a great deal more damage, incurring no apparent retaliation by the poor vampires family in any way. The af Gyllenstierna were leaving him to fight his own battles apparently.

Later reports, cofirmed by an anonymous source, that this conflict was of a personal nature.

Rumours abound that ophelia has retaliated in response and hit EvilBill as well. But these facts have yet to be substantiated. Another anonymous source did say that CoB, has been treating ophelia in a harassing nature, but they refused to be quoted by name. Another anonymous bystander stated “Apparently EvilBill and his cronies have been harassing poor ophelia for no reason” This appears to be the action that incurred NiFlhEiM’s wrath.

This reporter stands by, as the story unfolds, to share more information as it is substantiated.