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In the news tonight. The Enforcers of Enlightenment aka EoE are slowly taking down the Warriors of Eternity aka WoE, Noches Oscuras and possibly a couple of other clans, since they entered a small and rather misguided war involving the D’dary family and Noches Oscuras.

In a statement made by Hesu. “After days and days of requesting assistance and finally even Es Beacy coming around and making it clear that the entire affair may last forever, it was decided that in the name of every one’s sanity that EoE would come in and clean up the mess. Originally the EoE were most inspired to join, simply to end the insipid droning from both sides, but then we decided that the Enforcers were in fact justified in joining in the fray, being that Kaio had recently joined the clan.”

The Enforcers of Enlightenment, run by the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment’s very own sangfroid, is a clan that is closely affiliated with SIE but not specifically a part of the SIE group. Though it shares many of its members with other clans, it also consists of quite a variety of independents and rogues that are just there to fight.

Most of the key players of EoE are admittedly made up of the road_wytch bloodline or related through one of the tight knit groups aligned clans, but it certainly has an identity of its own. Seyda has been seen taking an extremely active roll in this new form of clan which is very different from her own clan Republic of Ravenblack aka RoR. The EoE is not held by the rules, guidelines or mission statements of any of the other clans, of which many of the members are also part. Old time greats such as Roadie, Lucius and Kinzel, just to name a few, are part of this cut and dry killing machine that takes no prisoners and does not believe in negotiations.

With the Noches leaders Jimmher and Shaarinya dead, as well as their close consort indigoddess, that clan is far from the limelight at this time. With the entirety of the portion of WoE that has yet to be zeroed in shadows, the EoE waits patiently for their opportunity to kill them and put an end to the silly little tiff.

In asking Hesu for further information about the other clans involved, she explained to this surprised reporter that she did not really know much about anyone in the other clans. No one in WoE had ever made any attempt to speak to her and she had only spoken to JimmHerr once or twice since EoE entered the battle field. Prior to his inevitable zeroing, he had called to inform her that an announcement was about to be made and she clarified that this statement better include a public surrender for the safety of everyone involved.

Be it history now, the announcement was not of the nature that Hesu and Seyda expected and Jimmher, Shaarinya and indigoddess found themselves almost immediately dead. The city sits and waits and the WoE hides in shadows and the EoE stomp around, scrolling and hitting as much as they can before the entire clan ends up far to deep to attack.

Being that this paper did not discuss any of the details of this war with any of the members of the opposing side, we welcome your statements and would be happy to print anything that they feel may clarify their side in this matter.