News Flash-Sartori Surprises No One

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Sartori has left his family in the middle of a war to have a duel with Shikon, stating publicly that it was just because he was bored. With what appeared to be little or no concern for those involved with the war he was actively a part of, Sartori suddenly just went on his own way to fight Shikon in a duel that really, as far as this reporter could tell, no one cared much about.

Shikon, forever the consumate protagonist of words, has never been known for her ability to kill. In fact, no one that this reporter spoke to could recall her ever killing anyone. So Sartori appears to be off to prove a point, before he ever finished proving his first point, which at this point, no one can figure out what that point was to begin with.

Needless to say, the facts are clear that as the admitedly boring war drags on and the Enforcers of Enlightenment slowly and easily kill off the other side, that Sartori and his family after much boasting and bragging apparently lost interest and forgot all what was said weeks ago, leaving the EoE to clean up the mess, which never appeared to be much of a challenge in the first place.

As this far from intriguing parody of important events unravel, this reporter will attempt not to fall asleep while reporting and keep the adoring public informed.



Woah, is this a news article or the editor’s personal rant? raises an eyebrow


I am sorry that the facts of this story are so steeped in lack of honour and focus that they appear to be a rant when they are simply based in obvious facts. If it was a rant Id have said how pathetic and sad the entire thing is and how it solidifies everything the editor thought… but then THAT would be editorial wouldnt it?


Oh, you changed this story from the original one that was up. I guess you don’t just attack opinions that aren’t nice, but you add more insulting things to the story afterwards just to get an extra dig in. Niiiiiiiiice.

Well anyway, I find the duel rather interesting. Maybe the editor should get in on the gambling with Smilner and hang around after the duel for the jokes. It’s really a good time if you’re not just watching from a distance or chewing on bitterness for poor, irrational decisions made and wild talk. As the saying goes, “You can’t say slaughter without laughter!” smirks

Jauk Lokason Kreacher’s Snoochie Coo Yggdrasil


Funny, that facts can be read as bitterness. What is that saying about eye of the beholder? FYI: The story was not altered in anyway. But glad you are so on top of things… you just keep keeping the story straight there for everyone,.


I had actually just not hit ‘read more’ while skimming over the news section the last time perhaps. So for that, I apologize for saying you altered your story. As far as facts being read as bitterness, it’s not so much the facts, but the way they are laid out. It’s very one sided. pauses to put on large glasses and look wise A tree is a tree until you decorate it and then it’s Christmas tree. Know what I mean? It’s easy to change things around… specially when you’re only reporting EoE’s views on the matter and not the vampires you’re slandering also.

Jauk Lokason Kreacher’s Snoochie Coo Yggdrasil


I’m rather curious myself as to why the EoE fighters appear to be continuing on with what Sartori and family started, while Sartori has seemed to meander off to duel with Shikon.

I mean really…you don’t start something, watch it grow, strut about how bad you are and ooh look at that and then walk away to do something more entertaining.

ophelia Lokason af Gyllenstierna NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


“One” might not do that, but Sartori’s pretty adept at it. It’s a common trait in this city to move immediately to the newest, most exciting fad. With all the unfinished business, old-as-dirt grudges, and – ooh, look at the kitty.